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Natalie Moore Last Updated: 03/15/19
My work is an intersection of sculpture and drawing, I often employ traditional craft techniques with new materials and methodologies.
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Allen T Ball Last Updated: 03/14/19
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Tatiana Ginsberg Last Updated: 03/18/19
Drawings, prints, installations, and artist books, most of which use my own handmade paper
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Otto Von Ruggins Last Updated: 03/17/19
I use imagery the way William Burroughs used language.
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Raymond Pinto Last Updated: 03/18/19
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Janne Hoeltermann Last Updated: 04/08/19
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Esteban Ou Last Updated: 03/18/19
I like to sculpture then I like to make molds and then I like to paint I use a colorfully contrast and imaginary references from the past like cartoons, logos, icons and symbolism that’s the art I like to do it.
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Laura Lappi Last Updated: 03/18/19
My sculptural practice explores the relationship between physical spaces, man-made structures, and the human mind - the psychogeography of places.
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Daniel Shieh Last Updated: 01/08/20
I create interactive artworks that encourage participants to view each other in a different perspective.
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Nicholas Oh Last Updated: 03/21/19
As an artist I make art that deal with race and identity to provoke and challenge the audience to question their own ideas about past and current social issues.
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Monique Islam Last Updated: 03/19/19
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Luisa Valderrama Last Updated: 03/19/19
Luisa Valderrama’s work explores organic materiality, formalist composition, self-reflection and how things relate to the land through a combination of mixed media sculpture, installation, painting, and video.
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Jonathan Lipkin Last Updated: 12/02/19
Jonathan Lipkin is a fine-art photographer whose work is a meditation on the infinite, time, and perception. His most recent series Translucence of Time: Ocean is currently on view at 180 The Store in Tribeca, NYC
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Eric Pesso Last Updated: 04/02/19
I carve logs harvested from the streets and parks of Brooklyn. My esthetic is to create abstract forms of beauty and grace, often with a degree of geometric regularity. I strive toward that goal; the quest continues.
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Kate M Butler Last Updated: 04/07/19
Ceramic sculptures, drawings and paintings exploring the mystery of the visible world
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Emily V Aragones Last Updated: 04/12/19
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LESLIE J ROBERTS Last Updated: 04/27/19
My works on panel contain handwritten lists, from everyday sources, diagrammed into geometric configurations.
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Ambrosia Bardos Last Updated: 05/04/19
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Teague Smith Last Updated: 06/01/19
Visual artist capturing moments in time - acrylics on canvas, wood and paper.
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Kinna LeBlanc Last Updated: 01/10/20
Ms. Kinna LeBlanc is a Dominican born, Brooklyn raised Digital Illustrator! KLC creates and oversees exceptional visual projects, style installations and content. Experienced with many years of multifaceted arts and entertainment
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Displaying: 2281 - 2300 of 2327 PAGE: << 115 116 117 >>       Sort by:

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