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Susan J Malfa Last Updated: 01/27/20
Watercolor. Expressionist style. Color forward.
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Shayma E Aziz Last Updated: 12/11/19
Shayma Aziz is visual artist, whose work combines traditional fine arts technicality with new media practices, focusing particularly on painting, sculpture, interdisciplinary projects and animation.
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Ian Costello Last Updated: 11/16/19
Scale landscape dioramas encased in colored vitrines.
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Michele Brody Last Updated: 12/02/19
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Nene Humphrey Last Updated: 12/20/19
My multidisciplinary artworks combine drawing, sculpture, performance and video to depict a seemingly infinite space of emotion and memory as it is processed in the brain,and often involves collaboration with neuroscientists and musicians.
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SINEJAN BUCHINA Last Updated: 12/22/19
Buchina’s work focuses on issues of territories, borders, and displacement. Her interests lie predominantly in transnational identities, the unpacking and questioning of historical narratives, and concepts of belonging.
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Xingze Li Last Updated: 12/23/19
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Zanib Ahmad Last Updated: 12/30/19
Techniques include oil on canvas, film, photography, graphic illustration, printmaking, calligraphy, and installation work.
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Dane Rhys Last Updated: 12/31/19
New York-based photographer originally from Western Australia. After 15 years working in gold mines around the world. He now documents the de-industrialization of America with a focus on the aging workforce and changing energy industry.
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Aaron Asis Last Updated: 01/04/20
Art as a creative tool to promote access & awareness throughout our cities — working with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community groups to document under- appreciated phenomenon and exhibit work in unexpected places.
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Kathleen Laziza Last Updated: 02/06/20
My work is interdisciplinary interactive performance art.
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Capucine Bourcart Last Updated: 01/21/20
My work is inspired by fragments and details of images with various textures, transparencies, and unique colors.
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Brian Mukerjee Last Updated: 01/24/20
Colorful and prickly macroscopic views of cactus.
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Cj Priester Last Updated: 01/22/20
Cj Priester is an emerging artist born and raised in Brooklyn whose eccentric contemporary work blends abstraction with themes of the afterlife and Afrocentric realism.
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Katie Schuessler Last Updated: 01/27/20
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David Henderson Last Updated: 01/27/20
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Chare Last Updated: 02/05/20
Coming from a background in graffiti, Chare takes a fresh approach to “Faberge Eggs” and canvases. Utilizing vibrant colors, Swarovski crystals and bold lines to create art that exudes joy.
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ROE Johnson Last Updated: 02/16/20
Roe is a raw figurative painter that uses allegorical themes that address the human condition.
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Jennifer Custard-Jarosz Last Updated: 02/25/20
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Locus Chen Last Updated: 04/03/20
Interested in exploring the language of materiality and media, I engage with various fine art media to explore the potency of self and artistic expressions. My work traverses fluidly between art&craft, nature&artifact, personal&universal.
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Displaying: 2321 - 2340 of 2340 PAGE: << 117       Sort by:

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