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Ayako Bando Last Updated: 07/06/10
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Muriel Taub Glantzman Last Updated: 09/09/12
My work consists of abstract and figurative drawings, and abstract acrylic paintings and collage.
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Bruce Handy Last Updated: 07/07/10
I walk the boards in Coney Island just about everyday and I apply my street photo techniques to the boardwalk, beach and amusement area.
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Barbara Milman Last Updated: 07/23/10
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Merav Ezer Last Updated: 12/17/13
I explore the necessity and quest for home by designing portable self-made architecture and transitional homes, highlighting the interaction between the body and space, physiological and physical experiences.
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Michael H Fusco Last Updated: 07/09/10
Recent Pratt graduate with strong conviction that art died after the 19th century.
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Allison Edge Last Updated: 07/08/10
My works consists of photo-inspired paintings and drawings depicting a touch of magic and wonder we often associate with dreamy nostalgia.
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Ekaterina S Popova Last Updated: 07/08/10
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Negin Sharifzadeh Last Updated: 07/20/10
I'm An Iranian NY based sculptor/performing artist. Often in my works I investigate and explore themes and layers of social complexities. I draw inspiration from the local dances and body movements of my ancestry city, Boushehr/south Iran.
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Jacob N Rhodes Last Updated: 07/15/10
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Sherry Davis Last Updated: 12/19/16
I bake ceramic tile, and paint, using tape; with both mediums, mixing detailed realism and abstraction.
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Tom Vega Last Updated: 11/16/17
The communication of mood and feeling through the medium of color is of primary intention in my work. References to landscape, movement, the figure, and cultural context form the underlying messages-though veiled-and irrevocably changed.
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Jaclyn M Brown Last Updated: 07/09/10
Narrative paintings inspired by words, thoughts, dreams and experiences.
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Seth A Scantlen Last Updated: 07/09/10
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Sarah K Kaufman Last Updated: 07/13/10
color photography
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Carla E. Reyes Last Updated: 07/11/10
Painter + Mixed-Media Collage Artist
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Elizabeth Jordan Last Updated: 06/20/15
Working primarily in sculpture, Elizabeth Jordan combines ordinary industrial and found objects with unique hand-made processes, producing works that exhibit the transitory nature of life.
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Frederick Hayes Last Updated: 07/12/10
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CAROL QUINT Last Updated: 03/09/12
Sculptures using chicken bones as an element.
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Joelle Shallon Last Updated: 11/11/15
Architecture-inspired abstract oil paintings on wood panel
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Displaying: 301 - 320 of 2358 PAGE: << 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 more pages... >>       Sort by:

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