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Jae Hi Ahn Last Updated: 01/10/11
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Linda Casbon Last Updated: 11/03/15
I create large scale ceramic sculpture exploring the interaction between form and surface and the intersection between real and illusory.
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Fred Fleisher Last Updated: 02/06/18
Working with multiple mediums, I find significance in unnoticed things while making associations with disparate cultural elements such as plush talismans, pro wrestling, sprituality and Walt Whitman.
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Greg Singer Last Updated: 03/16/11
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Christine S. Stoddard Last Updated: 01/13/17
Christine Stoddard is an interdisciplinary writer, visual artist, filmmaker, and radio host.
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Parris Jaru Last Updated: 03/03/18
Every artist in their own creative way changes the world around us. A voice, a gesture, or a brush stroke is all it takes to create change. So why not add to that pool of creation?
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Brynna K Tucker Last Updated: 05/15/14
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Barton Lewis Last Updated: 01/07/17
I make films about natural light, and about the urban landscape in states of opulent decay.
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Sarah R Dahnke Last Updated: 08/03/15
Dance, video, fun
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Charlie Rubin Last Updated: 05/28/13
Exploration of the ordinary, with a twist. Dichotomy of contemporary life.
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Louise Barry Last Updated: 01/18/13
My work includes drawing, collage, sculpture, and photography, and concerns the relationship between images and the past they represent.
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Alexandria Smith Last Updated: 08/25/11
Working through the disciplines of drawing and painting, I create works that explore the theme of cultural and sexual identity through the lens of childhood and adolescence.
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Julie Lemberger Last Updated: 10/28/13
I am a, former dancer who photographs dance. I observe and preserve dance for history sake. I am a mother. I photograph my kids and their friends. I am an artist and I photograph my life, how I witness it.
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Eb Craig Last Updated: 10/29/14
My art pieces have color and sparkle and are made primarily of glitter. There are some art pieces made from recycled materials like cereal boxes that I call mini rooms
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Mitsuko Brooks Last Updated: 09/11/13
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Roman Andrew Gasowski Last Updated: 03/03/13
My work is a connection with the spirits in my world.
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Sha-Nee Williams Last Updated: 12/12/17
My work showcases being in a fantasy world.
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Stefania Zamparelli Last Updated: 10/02/15
I feel the urge to subvert the common place that the world is divided. When I look through the lens nothing but what I'm framing exists or, at least, that's my goal.
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Sei Shimura Last Updated: 07/11/12
SEYxYE$ is a graphic pop artist, born in Tokyo, Japan, raised in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His art reflects a blend of popular culture and street culture, with an identifiable and conscious message.
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Chi L. Nguyen Last Updated: 09/02/12
Growing up in Haiphong, Vietnam, Chi Nguyen is influenced by her country’s folk art, lacquer paintings, and traditional calligraphy. She draws inspirations from a variety of subjects — ranging from human emotions to contemporary struggles.
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