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Michael N. Meyer Last Updated: 06/13/13
Photography is my tool for examining how lives interconnect, how ideas converge and bounce off of one another, and how the world is changing moment to moment. I pluck images from the real world to model it, to concretize my idea of it.
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Kelli Miller Last Updated: 06/02/10
Through video, animation, sound, printmaking and installation I explore the residue of the western world’s worship of progress.
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Michael Miller Last Updated: 05/15/14
Abstract and semi-abstract paintings and assemblage that explore concepts of pictorial space, revelation and concealment.
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S. MoniQue Last Updated: 11/13/13
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Cyrilla Mozenter Last Updated: 02/21/15
My work is symbolic language. I make large banner-like wall pieces, freestanding constructions and collage-drawings of industrial wool felt and paper in which polar bears make frequent appearances.
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Nitro N N Last Updated: 10/28/15
I was a young man with a camera, after studying photography I had an "in" in the industry and the rest goes from there!
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Jason I Oglesby Last Updated: 08/30/16
My work is inspired by my every day interactions with people, traveling, and the things I experience in life.
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Ansel Oommen Last Updated: 01/22/17
I am currently conducting research on botanical cyanotypes at the laboratory facilities of St. Joseph's College.
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Dominica Paige Last Updated: 05/30/13
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Taezoo Park Last Updated: 08/10/17
Interactive media artist
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Anne Peabody Last Updated: 06/22/16
Anne Peabody’s multimedia sculptural work focuses on the loss and regrowth that occur after devastation wrought by natural disasters.
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Christine Rath Selhi Last Updated: 09/14/11
I am a pet portraitist by trade. I paint animals for the people who love them.
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Marcy Rosenblat Last Updated: 11/15/15
A defining part of my current work is the illusion of patterned fabric imbedded in the painting surface to denote curtains or veils, at times even the body. Pattern as cloth has opened up my paintings, because even though the pattern it the pattern it
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Pavida Rujatikumporn Last Updated: 07/26/15
Art is the thing, we can see by ears and hear by eyes. That's all there is too it!
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Anita S Rundles Last Updated: 08/12/16
Illustrator with a focus on fashion illustration and location drawing.
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Sepideh Salehi Last Updated: 03/22/17
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Margarita Sanchez Urdaneta Last Updated: 12/18/15
I am a Colombian artist and writer who works in video, text, sound, and installation. My work seeks to reconstruct, recuperate, question, and re-articulate a series of collective historical memories in Latin America and the United States.
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Andrea L Santos Last Updated: 12/03/16
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Yesuk C Seo Last Updated: 06/25/17
I am interested in the relationship between memories and architectural spaces. Memories can be glamorized and distorted. Especially, when we consider the spaces we think we know, each has different perspectives in one's mind.
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Geralyn A Shukwit Last Updated: 12/20/16
Photography is capturing the light surrounding us. The spirits surrounding us. The imagery that I create aims to portray the sense of place along with the emotion of the environment.
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