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Sky Vega Last Updated: 03/31/15
Multidisciplinary artist Sky Vega spearheads her creative company "Pittaway Art" which offers a variety of artistic services ranging from fine art and music to children's book illustration, stop-motion and special effects makeup work.
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Ed Grant Last Updated: 10/23/16
I push the boundary between photography and painting through digital manipulation.
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Marcy Rosenblat Last Updated: 11/15/15
A defining part of my current work is the illusion of patterned fabric imbedded in the painting surface to denote curtains or veils, at times even the body. Pattern as cloth has opened up my paintings, because even though the pattern it the pattern it
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Yuxuan Wu Last Updated: 12/06/14
Related traditional Asian culture in my works is similar with art style in Brooklyn, which shows natural, and free.
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Golnar Adili Last Updated: 12/05/14
My work investigates diasporic identity utilizing through poetry, craft and the body.
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Jessica Adams Last Updated: 12/09/14
I make installations, videos, photographs, drawings, and collages that investigate and question perception, the movement of time, the understanding of space, and everyday phenomena.
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Tom Irizarry Last Updated: 10/30/15
I see the world as light and dark and I use shapes and light to depict the geometry of what I'm looking at - a world of vast beauty that will vanish if we do not preserve it, and document it, and paint it.
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Jonathan M. Levy Last Updated: 01/06/15
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Donna Cleary Last Updated: 11/06/15
I've reimagined fetish objects and fertility statuary using contemporary materials collected from my surroundings.
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Sarah Carpenter Last Updated: 11/04/15
My paintings and prints are about places we seek and the efforts we make to reach them.
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Ellen Wallenstein Last Updated: 01/17/15
Collages of women in Art History. Also, photographs, for many years (see my website & blog).
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Johnny Camacho Last Updated: 11/13/15
I am an abstract artist put here to awaken, heal the sleepwalkers .
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Paolo Arao Last Updated: 03/01/15
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Bre Lembitz Last Updated: 10/27/15
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Vitoria Hadba Last Updated: 05/31/15
Vitoria uses a variety of new and uncommon materials in her work. In a humorous tone, she often discusses issues related to art history and feminism.
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Brad Thiele Last Updated: 05/08/15
i create text-based works that reformat everyday language and common materials, infusing conceptual language play and process-based execution with deadpan humor, logic games and purposeful misunderstanding.
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Kennis Baptiste Last Updated: 08/19/15
Using my unique technique, a contour drawing is first produced where no line intersect and still capturing a figurative form or image, then a painting is then produced using multiple medias to add depth and dimension to the painting.
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Fuse Green Last Updated: 08/30/15
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Megan M Canning Last Updated: 09/18/15
I create intricate, sensual pieces that evoke the mystery and beauty of the inner workings of the human body
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Janet Braun-Reinitz Last Updated: 12/17/15
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