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Barbara Braun Last Updated: 10/31/18
Expressionist abstractions with figural references relating to current events and nature.
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Melissa A Matthews Last Updated: 12/20/16
The current and recurrent themes within my work are the politics, sometimes irony, humor, and violence of everyday life and subsistence in specific places in the world.
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Yasmin Gur Last Updated: 04/01/18
My recent sculpture is built with reclaimed wood. Using weathered material, I appropriates the histories of her salvaged material to create structures that evoke the living processes of an organism. My work, biomorphic yet geometric abstrac
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Georgia L Elrod Last Updated: 11/07/16
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Liz Sweibel Last Updated: 11/26/16
My sculpture, installations, and drawings explore touch, points of contact or disconnect, and care, using everyday materials and discards.
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Keyon A Lewis Last Updated: 12/20/16
My creative abilities are very much layered and intersectional, but my roots are buried in culture and impactful expressions influenced by current events.
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Carlos Pinto Last Updated: 01/16/19
Juan Carlos Pinto is an artist and art historian working in New York City. For the past 12 years, Juan Carlos has made Brooklyn his home . A native of Guatemala, his art is as expressive as the colorful and lush Central American nation.
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Rosemary Taylor Last Updated: 10/09/17
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Marcia E. Wilson Last Updated: 05/07/18
I am a photograph and I document the arts, culture and politics of communities of the African diaspora.
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Justin C Mugits Last Updated: 08/11/17
I typically create layered stencils and linoleum cuts that I often paste in the street.
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Woodlynn Sance Last Updated: 07/27/17
Paintings geared towards raising awareness and consciousness in society.
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Keka Marzagao Last Updated: 08/22/17
Using primarily photography, audio and video, my work uses portraiture to examine issues of identity, representation, and displacement.
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Hazen Henry Last Updated: 04/01/18
Documentary photography
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Lisa B Dinhofer Last Updated: 11/25/17
For many years, I have been exploring the concepts of still life painting, an area I have found hardly still, but rather filled with animation.
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Madjeen Isaac Last Updated: 01/03/18
My work revolves around my Haitian American culture and memories of growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Being in a predominantly Caribbean based neighborhood has shaped me to understand the history and values of my ancestors.
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Adrian D. Cameron Last Updated: 03/30/18
Adrian is Brooklyn-based, conservatory-trained theater-performance-media artist currently pursuing his MFA at Brooklyn College's Performance & Interactive Media Arts program.
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Michael Boring Last Updated: 04/01/18
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Kateryna Moroz Last Updated: 06/08/18
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VJ Comando Last Updated: 06/09/18
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Kinna LeBlanc Last Updated: 01/10/20
Ms. Kinna LeBlanc is a Dominican born, Brooklyn raised Digital Illustrator! KLC creates and oversees exceptional visual projects, style installations and content. Experienced with many years of multifaceted arts and entertainment
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