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Ryan M Frank Last Updated: 12/08/16
Photo-based sculpture and installation, exploring landscape and the experiential nature of photography.
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Kimberly Ruth Last Updated: 01/06/15
Through text, photography, video and performance, Kimberly works to unveil, de-construct, poke fun at and critique the way words and images fail each other and their promise of an objective truth.
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Chris Lewis Last Updated: 01/06/15
My work explores the relationship between permanence and ephemerality as seen through the undocumentated act of labor and its product.
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Joshua Weeks Last Updated: 11/06/15
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Larry Russ Last Updated: 05/04/15
acrylic painting
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Rico K Anderson Last Updated: 04/22/15
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Claire Townsend Last Updated: 01/02/17
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Cybèle - Last Updated: 03/11/16
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Maureen Shea Last Updated: 09/03/17
The basis for my work as a visual artist is observation of the natural world.
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Yuki Sakaguchi Last Updated: 10/31/15
For me, Art is conversation with God. My art theme is " Art For Reminding Miracles In Our Lives." I always try to create something that represent miraculous moments, because the greatest happiness is to know the miracle when it happens.
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Phyllis Kudder Sullivan Last Updated: 12/06/16
Interlaced double-walled ceramic structures relate to the mysterious nature of the vortex and, without any indication of a beginning or end, echo the possibilities of the infinite
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joda Last Updated: 02/19/16
A collaborative look at our surroundings near and far.
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Marja Elina Hakaniemi Last Updated: 06/30/16
Oilpainteing is here giveing place for cellophone fotography, it's handy. Fotographyes has been mounted to huge pile of unseen material. Also videoArt made whit cellophone video Camera. After I became robbed, I started to work whit lapto
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Michael Rain Last Updated: 11/22/15
Michael Rain communicates ideas through written and visual stories. His topic interests include design and technology and their relationship to culture as well as expanding the perception of people of color.
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Julia L Ousley Last Updated: 05/25/16
Indoor and outdoor contemporary sculpture and installations in a wide variety of materials, but often metal or wood. Content is often around the intersection of the human condition and the built environment.
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Lisa V Waltuch Last Updated: 02/04/16
Text based paintings on silk
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M.TT Last Updated: 07/14/17
NYC streetscapes.
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Tatiana Arocha Last Updated: 07/19/17
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Ryan McDaid Last Updated: 04/02/16
Visual artist exploring a variety of mediums from photography to film & print. Currently working on the SOFTER series.
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Valerie Williams Last Updated: 12/03/16
Through my recent SEM (scanning electron microscopy) art, I seek to reveal the hidden mysteries of an, until now, unknown world not visible to the common eye.
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