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Matthew Lusk Last Updated: 08/07/12
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Karen Mainenti Last Updated: 08/31/15
Mixed media work that wrestles with the definition of gender and femininity, unrealized dreams and impossible ideals.
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Katrina Majkut Last Updated: 01/20/17
Katrina Majkut (Mykit) is a research-based internationally exhibiting artist dedicated to understanding and exploring feminine narratives in aesthetics, media, history and personal experiences.
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Joe Mangrum Last Updated: 03/14/17
As an installation artist and painter, I have worked with many materials. For my sand painting series, I have created nearly 1000 spontaneous, ephemeral sand paintings and currently creating similar works on canvas
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Abby Manock Last Updated: 01/13/15
interactive performance events, installation, mural, drawing, video, sculpture
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Karen Margolis Last Updated: 11/08/14
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Christina Martinelli Last Updated: 04/05/17
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Susan K Mastrangelo Last Updated: 12/18/18
The human form, in different capacities, situations and materials, is the central focus of my work.
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Christian Maychack Last Updated: 12/28/10
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Holli McEntegart Last Updated: 12/11/16
My work explores the storage and transmission of memory, myth and experience. Im interested in mapping our very human engagement with the intersections of real and imagined experience using performance, video, sculpture and installation.
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JoAnne McFarland Last Updated: 12/03/14
Representational oil paintings, poetry.
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Abraham McNally Last Updated: 03/30/11
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Spencer Merolla Last Updated: 08/16/17
Concept-driven two- and three- dimensional work investigating material culture, mourning and the ability of objects to retain and transmit meaning.
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Jamie Mirabella Last Updated: 08/09/17
My work focuses on found, photographic imagery and in particular, representations of gender, class, and nature.
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Kellie Murphy Last Updated: 01/16/15
Process based artist who's current body of work reflects on the act of mark making and the haunting beauty of natural materials.
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Martha Mysko Last Updated: 05/15/14
Cultural and personal associations tied to objects and materials are disrupted through formal play, and explorations of perception in a painting space.
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Margaret Noel Last Updated: 02/09/18
My recent body of work uses cut paper layered with soot and encaustic to trace the gradual reconstruction of a city after a natural disaster. These salvaged materials are reassembled into forms that are both timeless and transient.
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Dara Oshin Last Updated: 03/26/19
I create paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs, mix them up with my thoughts and feelings, add a little love and send them out into the world.
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Coco Papy Last Updated: 08/27/10
Exploring the contradictions of femininity , cultural identity, and the female grotesque.
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Carolanna Parlato Last Updated: 03/16/16
"Her compartmentalization of expressive figures is a language she intentionally re-arranges in order to explore the possibilities of syntactical harmonies, counterpoised in both hue and gesture." The Brooklyn Rail
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Displaying: 41 - 60 of 85 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 >>       Sort by:

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