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Michelle S Mclaughlin Last Updated: 01/30/13
I specialize in creating cyanotype photograms of wacky wigs or wigwams or nice little nests.
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Roberto Jamora Last Updated: 06/26/17
I am working on two series of abstract paintings. One based on the systems and parallels within art and sports. The other dealing with color, familiarity, and memory.
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Ines Sun Last Updated: 12/20/16
I paint to connect and nurture the soul.
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Carl J Gunhouse Last Updated: 08/13/13
Driving around America for the last six years trying to cover as much of it as I could, going from one political hotspot to the next, one thing has been clear politicians and the press create a constant hysteria of the now.
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Zeke Decker Last Updated: 11/18/13
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Kate Minford Last Updated: 01/22/14
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Angelys F Ocana Last Updated: 04/14/14
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Elena Lyakir Last Updated: 04/06/16
Through the medium of photography I examine my desire to understand how emotions and memories are trapped inside photographs, representing reality in symbols. I am interested in creating art that is intimate, visceral, and emotive.
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Sara Sun Last Updated: 04/27/16
Sara's multidisciplinary work includes video with sound, installation, digital image and drawing. Her work has been included in numerous shows and screenings nationally and internationally since the late 80's.
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Anne Spurgeon Last Updated: 02/21/19
Visual artist and art education professional specializing in assemblage and sculpture.
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Marcus N Pierce Last Updated: 12/18/15
I am a figurative artist primarily focusing on subjects pertaining cognitive science. I paint with an interdisciplinary approach, seekings elegant subjects that span fields. Much of my current work explores Tangled Hierarchy Consciouness
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Jaime A Normand Last Updated: 09/27/16
Acrylic and Charcoal on Panel, Ceramics
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Lauren Silberman Last Updated: 12/28/14
Community, identity, tradition, and ritual. Lauren is interested in the ways that people form their identities through their community. Observing as well as participating, her work ranges from photography to performance and installation.
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Howard Lerner Last Updated: 03/31/15
My work is tactile and spiritual using mixed media and paint reverberating with the ancient stories.
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Baoyang Chen Last Updated: 12/11/14
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Julie EA Bernouis Last Updated: 12/17/14
I touch everything
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Hai-Hsin Huang Last Updated: 12/17/14
Awkward people in weird situation.
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Aleksander K Betko Last Updated: 12/18/14
I am a fine artist that captures the definition of life in New York City.
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Ann Cofta Last Updated: 08/13/17
Small, fabric works employ hand embroidery and beadwork to depict vintage machinery and structures associated with New York City
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Chris Held Last Updated: 12/29/14
Working across a variety of media, Held engages design and art as highly compatible disciplines. His work employs the languages of craft, minimalism, and contemporary design to recontextualize functional forms and their associate meanings.
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