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Nancy A Rodrigo Last Updated: 12/21/16
Native New York artist, works in watercolors, oils, mixed media and drawing, biomorphic and surreal imagery. My inspiration has been the natural world, our interconnectedness with our planet.
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Patricia Arnillas Last Updated: 03/13/15
Using ancient myths as a starting point, I have developed a personal esthetic where my expressionistic style and visceral brushstrokes transform a narrative content into a visual experience.
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Brigitta Varadi Last Updated: 01/01/17
I search for pattern and repetition of gesture that relate to the invisible and everyday rituals of working life and the constructed environment.
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Crystal Wei Last Updated: 06/13/13
Paintings and drawings reflecting their lack of sound.
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Emma Cotter Last Updated: 12/04/15
As a choreographer, designer and visual artist, I create mixed media artworks that are highly technical and often have interactive or performative elements.
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Jennifer M. Clark Last Updated: 04/05/12
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Marilu D Hartnett Last Updated: 06/01/12
My paintings are formed with venetian plaster, silver leaf and other media on wood panels utilizing the repetition of organic forms that eventually morph into a confluence of new complexities.
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Jonathan Fabricant Last Updated: 01/16/15
I'm all over the place with several repeating themes, Cityscape, Human Figure, Geometric Abstraction, I work with the media of Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and collage.
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Roberta L Lawson Last Updated: 08/28/13
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Britney A Harsh Last Updated: 11/28/12
Process intensive oil and watercolor paintings utilizing explosive color palettes and bold, graphic images. Layers are the basis of my work, creating highly textured and rich backgrounds to play with.
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Susan Newmark Last Updated: 01/21/14
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Mark N De Wilde Last Updated: 04/12/13
All Art is a subset of material, and all material is the manifestation of memory. The imagined is neither false nor possible, but image.
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Nick Savides Last Updated: 05/15/14
Inspired by the works of Edward Hopper, the quiet energy within my art captures both a palpable sensation of light and of place.
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Hernease Davis Last Updated: 12/19/16
I am combining analog photographic processes with performance and craft to create work that heavily emphasizes self-care through artistic process.
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Michele Hemsoth Last Updated: 09/05/13
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Katya Grokhovsky Last Updated: 03/11/19
My work deals with alienation, gender politics and identity through a displaced female body. Acting as a transcendental device, the body is a tool in various mediums, such as performance and sculpture, video, installation and drawing.
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Nancy C Sampson Last Updated: 12/19/14
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Eun Hye Kang Last Updated: 04/30/14
I try to create negative volume by using the achromatic lines, represent the space by using division and proportion, and make the shape and contour.
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Kristin B Reed Last Updated: 06/10/14
Abstract painting which focuses on luminous color and ancient geometrical symbols
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Jeanette H Koumjian Last Updated: 09/12/17
Northeast meets southwest as Jeanette has worked both from her Park Slope studio and through residency grants in Santa Fe.
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