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Jeremy Penn Last Updated: 03/20/12
My work explores the initial feelings of a single gaze and the deconstruction of that moment in time, creating a seductive power play between the viewer and the art.
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FIROZ MAHMUD [fee`rose] Last Updated: 07/25/11
Firoz Mahmud works on wide range of media including installation, Layapa Art (a Bangladeshi stencil technique), Urgency of Proximate Drawing (NinKI: UoPD), text, video and photographs which are based on Bangladeshi socio-political cult
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Margaret Inga Wiatrowski Last Updated: 08/01/11
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JoAnn P Pinkney Wilcox Last Updated: 08/27/11
I am a Visual Artist who works in Brooklyn by commuting back, and forth to Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn New York. I create many kinds of Art, paintings (oil, acrylic, water color, pastel, pencil, charcoal) to Buono Frescos, Murals, Sculpture,
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Jacqueline Kohos Last Updated: 12/24/11
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Amir Hariri Last Updated: 06/18/14
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Boris Zoubkous Last Updated: 05/02/12
Conceptual paintings and collages.
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Diego Terros Last Updated: 12/30/14
Painter and collage artist exploring themes of identity, desire, rituals, mysticism, and the supernatural. Interested in intimate ritualistic moments that lead to an initiation of some sort.
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Chris Fennell Last Updated: 01/08/15
Mixed media painting/collage abstraction: conceptually and physically dense, process-based
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Dana Kane Last Updated: 05/23/18
Three main projects: 1-Drawings and Paintings related to Childhood. 2-The Etherland Project centers on the inhabitants of that world and their relationship to the environment 3- “Figure Studies” abstracted human forms mingle with shad
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Debra Drexler Last Updated: 06/24/12
Drexler explores content dealing with the nature of perception with the intention of making the invisible visible. Abstraction has the ability to convey meaning that goes beyond the reductive ideology of formalism.
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Chris Willcox Last Updated: 06/25/12
Like thunderstorms and subway schedules, there’s not much I can do to control the way a half- gallon of wet paint falls onto a canvas. What I do control, rather, are the conditions in which this process occurs.
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Sandra R. Sitron Last Updated: 08/16/12
-cosmic events, personal narratives, youtube anthropology, tokens from indulgent ancestors, haunted childhood nature walks, nouveau deities, topographical maps of the subconscious, multi- appendaged animal friends-
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DEBBIE T DAVIES Last Updated: 11/15/13
I am multi-media visual artist. I am an abstract painter, videographer, photographer, and manipulator of materials. Founder of social art initiative The I Love You Project®.
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Lia Steele Last Updated: 08/21/12
My photographic art practice explores themes of youth, aging, beauty, death and the ideal, and explores cultural practices such as documentation of life and the search for paradise on earth.
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La Meg Last Updated: 09/01/12
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Tahir Carl Karmali Last Updated: 10/20/16
Visual artist using mixed media and photography. My work focuses on the narratives told through portraiture.
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Xospa Tronik Last Updated: 06/24/13
Isela Xospa (XospaTronik) is an illustrator and artist living and working in New York. Originally from Mexico City where she studied Graphic Comunication Design.
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Dana Crossan Last Updated: 11/20/14
Crossan works in a layering process that consists of acrylic paint, oil pastels and charcoal. Each layer is filled with anxieties of the everyday life of being an artist. The top layer seals the layers with its larger color fields.
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Katherine Sullivan Last Updated: 07/31/13
Explorations and abstractions of power dynamics and the impact on the body.
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