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Michael A Hernandez Last Updated: 03/30/16
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Jen Hitchings Last Updated: 12/22/14
I make paintings based on or inspired by photographic compositions of social interactions, such as parties, celebrations, or banal table settings.
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RODRIGO IMAZ Last Updated: 08/10/10
Rodrigo relates his graphic work with site-specific strategies to investigate the blurry limits between time and space. Through poetical analogies of Nature and anthropogenic events his work emphasises the inadequacies of human reason.
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Mona Saeed Kamal Last Updated: 11/24/14
My practice stems from my origins that are rooted in the Indian subcontinent and my migratory up bringing - born in Algeria, raised in Canada and currently residing in New York. I engage in video and installation to create multi-media narra
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Dana Kane Last Updated: 05/23/18
Three main projects: 1-Drawings and Paintings related to Childhood. 2-The Etherland Project centers on the inhabitants of that world and their relationship to the environment 3- “Figure Studies” abstracted human forms mingle with shad
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Tahir Carl Karmali Last Updated: 10/20/16
Visual artist using mixed media and photography. My work focuses on the narratives told through portraiture.
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Fawad Khan Last Updated: 07/19/10
Through colorful works that on first glance look playful and whimsical, Khan’s work illuminates a dark and complex political struggle with violence and identity that takes place through, on, and in public vehicles.
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June Kim Last Updated: 06/18/10
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Chris Klapper Last Updated: 01/13/17
I collaborate with my husband, Patrick Gallagher. Our current work centers around the use of emerging technology and interaction.
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Min Ko Last Updated: 08/20/17
Calligraphy in both English & Korean build layer over layer in fluorescent pink and green with black and white to fill large canvases that are cut up and sold as pieces of a whole.
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Jacqueline Kohos Last Updated: 12/24/11
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Eve-Andree LARAMEE Last Updated: 07/13/10
I am an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the relations between art and science, nature and culture, with an emphasis on environmental/ecological issues.
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Anabella Lenzu Last Updated: 03/29/18
I am an Argentinean choreographer, teacher, dancer, writer and visual artist.
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Michelle Levy Last Updated: 02/15/18
Experimental storytelling, exploring personal systems of belief through multimedia performance lecture, video, images, and artifacts.
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Monika Malewska Last Updated: 08/22/10
My most recent series of paintings consists of large scale watercolors depicting various wreath-like arrangements made of bacon.
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Karen Marston Last Updated: 05/04/15
I am mesmerized by the power of elemental threats like fire and storm, bigger and more frightening than ever, amplified rather than tamed by modernity.
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Mark Masyga Last Updated: 05/07/10
“I like natural disasters and I think that they may be the highest form of art possible to experience.” -- Walter DeMaria
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La Meg Last Updated: 09/01/12
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Martha Naranjo Sandoval Last Updated: 12/13/17
New York-based filmmaker and visual artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses in the materiality of image; in the difference between how time is portrayed in moving and still image; and in how images gain significance culturally.
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Debbie O'Donnell Last Updated: 05/20/17
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