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Jason Lujan Last Updated: 09/18/15
I seek to normalize Indigenous presence and narratives within the greater global fabric, equal to any other cultural group; investing contemporary indigenous Native American culture with an international sense of place.
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Fedele Spadafora Last Updated: 10/15/10
Realist figurative painting dealing with provocative sexual and social themes in a technically skillful manner.
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Cooper A Holoweski Last Updated: 10/16/10
In my work the machine is simultaneously a stand-in for the figure and an icon of modernity, rationalism, and the global economy. The narrative of my machine is one of fallible logic that is both personal and globally systemic.
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Cecilia Schmidt Last Updated: 08/01/16
In my recent work, I construct tableaux specifically for the camera, staging dead birds and flowers that I collect in the urban areas and parks near my home, to create new forms--referencing J. J. Audubon and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
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Meryl Salzinger Last Updated: 11/02/15
My photographs are grounded abstractions of landscapes distilling the mood and meaning of a scene; using unorthodox printing surfaces allows physical form and light to communicate meaning, leaving the subject matter only a vague suggestion.
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Mike Varley Last Updated: 10/17/10
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Audrey Stone Last Updated: 10/20/10
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Elisa M Velazquez Last Updated: 07/03/12
I am an artist who enjoys incorporating fiber materials into my work but I do not consider myself a fiber artist. This is not your grandmothers crochet or embroidery.
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Mary Billyou Last Updated: 04/18/11
A filmmaker working in the areas of expanded cinema, focusing on the multiplicity of found materials, surrealist processes, authorial references, and feminine identities.
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Noah Dillon Last Updated: 03/26/11
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PD Packard Last Updated: 07/15/17
My work is focused on the discovery of cause and effect through the printmaking techniques of drypoint etching, embossing, polymer, relief, and sumi-e + watercolor, aniline and natural dyes.
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Ben Hilario-Caguiat Last Updated: 12/09/14
I create anime-inspired monotype and aquatint prints, sculptures, mixed-media and public work to invite the audience to temporarily step away from stress and play.
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Elise C Tak Last Updated: 12/09/14
Elise Tak's work is a representation of a representation, THE symbol of fiction: Cinema! Tak meticulously chronicles the lives and careers of 10 world-famous movie actors. All are pure fiction. The artist LIES!
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Norma Greenwood Last Updated: 06/20/20
The source of my inspiration is the beauty of form and color. M work is provocative and draws the viewer into an experience of seeing familiar objects in a new and powerful way.
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Seth Keller Last Updated: 06/24/20
My paintings are characterized by Humanism as defined by Italian Renaissance philosophers.
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Carl J Ferrero Last Updated: 03/18/19
Paintings and sculptural objects that explore representation.
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Joyce Dade Last Updated: 12/09/13
Art photography with haze, blur (shown here), glow, halo, metallics and other special effects; uconventional, leading edge digital photography and design. With summer over for some time now, the winter holidays are fast approaching.
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Corydon Cowansage Last Updated: 05/14/14
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Jamie Holder Last Updated: 07/02/17
My oil paintings reflect my fascination for pulp fiction covers and my film noir view of NYC, it intends to capture the mood and beauty of a particular moment in time that I find appealing to my eyes as well as to my emotions.
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Katie Cercone Last Updated: 12/12/12
Hip Hop Feminist Performative Video Sculpture
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