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Alessandro Giuliano Last Updated: 10/31/10
trasform in photography the elements in wich i can find signs of a sort of dispropotion between the human being, its expectation, its aspirations that become its necessities, and what it creates or in what it project itself.
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Margaret Cusack Last Updated: 02/10/13
My interest as an artist is to involve viewers by creating realism with fabric's interplay of patterns and textures.
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Stacy A Scibelli Last Updated: 11/03/10
I make soft machines that facilitate basic, seemingly banal, interactions that conjure overwhelming emotion in the participant.
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Mark Hurwitt Last Updated: 01/27/12
"Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it" - Bertolt Brecht
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Deshawnlamar L Dumas Last Updated: 11/08/10
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The 22 Magazine Last Updated: 07/11/11
The 22 is an online arts and literature digital magazine that seeks to explore connections and intersections between the works of artists, musicians and writers.
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David Grainger Last Updated: 12/11/11
The transformation of one material into the appearance of another is a work of theater. My work allows the audience to simultaneously perceive an illusion and the illusion’s construction.
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Amy Chase Gulden Last Updated: 11/10/10
With my scientific collaborator, Kristin Baldwin PhD, I grow images in E. coli bacteria and print these to paper.
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Chris Kannen Last Updated: 11/13/10
My recent paintings have a science background. They are imaginary commissions for a research facility, at home with the dataloggers and spectrometers, outdated styles and big ideas.
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Heidi Hahn Last Updated: 11/26/10
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Beth A. Katleman Last Updated: 11/12/10
I create pop-rococo installations in porcelain.
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Leon Nicholas N. Kalas Last Updated: 11/15/10
My works consists mostly of figurative paintings, however, I also experiment in various other art movements.
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Laila M Ozols-Gillespie Last Updated: 05/15/14
Site-specific , happening installations that incorporate ephemeral sculpture with photography and painting with cathartic, participatory, collaborative, destructive elements drawing on the psychology of mixing natural and urban landscapes.
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Melissa Zexter Last Updated: 06/02/13
I combine hand-stitched embroidery with both color and black and white photography.
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Michele R Gutlove Last Updated: 01/19/15
As an architect and an artist, I create glass installations, which transform space, as the light and the angle of view change.
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Steven A Baines Last Updated: 01/19/15
like sad, dark lyrics in a catchy lighthearted melody
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Mary DeVincentis Last Updated: 10/17/15
I work in ongoing series, developing ideas that have held my interest over many years. Medium and style vary, contingent upon theme. I work in response to nature, language, literature, dreams, silence, humor and paradox.
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Nikolina Kovalenko Last Updated: 02/02/18
My work is about our fragile connection with nature. Through dreamy rainforest inspired paintings I strive to increase the world’s awareness and expose the consequences our everyday actions have on the environment.
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Linda Siegel Last Updated: 11/27/10
My recent work utilizes digital photograhphy, paint and other media to build up and rework the surface in a naive almost childlike way. The immediacy of the photograhphy, captures a close-up moment, inspiring colors, textures, forms.
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Brian Fernandes-Halloran Last Updated: 11/20/10
My work captures scenes from my neighborhood. They take an introspective approach to social commentary, focusing on my own perspective while exploring how everyday interactions contribute to boundaries between social groups.
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