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Michelle Marozik Last Updated: 10/16/11
This work is an ongoing drawing series documenting today's controversial billionaires and politicians.
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Sun ok Chun Last Updated: 11/20/10
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Nico K Phillips Last Updated: 02/03/11
Abstract dreams built from paint, glitter and found objects.
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Mike Jones Last Updated: 11/21/10
Has A serious Collection of Urban Erotical Deep Dementional Art Any Piece that he Has masterly Created with a pen and colored pencil Has individual Ora of mystical realms
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Lindsey A Wolkowicz Last Updated: 01/26/16
Through drawing, performance installation, and constructed objects, my work explores the ways we build and occupy space through memory, perspective, relationship and psycho-dynamics.
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C Bangs Last Updated: 11/25/14
My work investigates frontier science combined with symbolist figuration of archetypes of the Earth and cosmological elements depicted from a ecological feminist perspective.
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Cathy Choi Last Updated: 11/25/10
contemporary abstract painting
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Nola Zirin Last Updated: 05/15/14
Illusionary abstract paintings on canvas using oil, spray enamel and hand-cut stencils.
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Meghan C Wilbar Last Updated: 03/28/11
I strive to depict landscapes, cityscapes that hold the tension, sensation of the human experience.
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Caitlin Masley Last Updated: 11/27/10
architectural and geopolitcal drawings and installations
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Myra Brooklyn Last Updated: 03/24/14
the space between the thought
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Cheryl Kass Last Updated: 11/30/10
Drawings Ink /paper 11"x14" I work this way not as a preliminary to my paintings but rather as stand alone pieces by themselves. The clarity of execution, and simple method allows clear and comprehensive results.
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Ethan Cornell Last Updated: 08/21/17
My work is a personal mythical narrative influenced by an arbitrary mix of high and low that frees me to tackle the largest of issues: love, desire, fear of death, and the struggle for power.
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Kim Carr Valdez Last Updated: 05/02/11
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Martha Hayden Last Updated: 12/04/10
I work from perception with an emphasis on color and composition.
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Christian Maychack Last Updated: 12/28/10
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JASIR B. ABDULLAH-MUSA Last Updated: 04/19/14
Young Artist with strong non-fiction and fiction writing skills who has aspirations to become an accomplished Animator or Writer for Animation.
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Jackie Weisberg Last Updated: 12/10/13
My series, Gowanus Impressions, was made in response to the crisis that occurred just before it became a superfund site, sparking my intense desire to make beautiful images of an area that stood on the brink of great change.
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Sarah Knouse Last Updated: 01/23/11
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Julie Shakher Last Updated: 08/01/13
Shakher showcases spectacular works which are large yet delicate and sensitive with a sensual aggression of stroke. Her artworks are so large and detailed, you will feel you are an integral part of them. Shakher is a narrative figure painte
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