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Jae Hi Ahn Last Updated: 01/10/11
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Linda Casbon Last Updated: 11/03/15
I create large scale ceramic sculpture exploring the interaction between form and surface and the intersection between real and illusory.
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Erica E Harris Last Updated: 01/10/11
I make collage paintings from globally scavenged ephemera.
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Linda Adato Last Updated: 12/10/14
Color etchings of diverse architectural images at a certain moment or time of day.
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Andrew C Robinson Last Updated: 07/18/17
Robinson's work includes ceramics, sculpture and works on paper. He is the founder of the Arts + Crafts Research Studio; dedicated to creating independent and collaborative artifacts at the intersection of art, craft and design.
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Nick Fyhrie Last Updated: 12/09/13
My unique gestural style combines surreal, psychological, and urban elements to create arresting images in paintings that are disorienting and inquisitive.
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Juan Fontanive Last Updated: 07/13/13
Juan Fontanive makes films without using light.
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Tyson Skross Last Updated: 01/09/20
Tyson Skross is a Brooklyn based painter and sculptor.
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Samantha French Last Updated: 01/14/11
Underwater swimmers, beach, vintages portraits.
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Cynthia Vesser Last Updated: 03/29/11
Photographer with emphasis in Street Photography, CityScapes, Portraits, Self Portraits and Digital Imaging.
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Mariel Harari Last Updated: 05/19/12
Sensory oriented self portraits as objects that juxtapose home and the internal language paradox
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Rachel Pontious Last Updated: 12/02/14
Rachel Pontious makes paintings, drawings, and prints to investigate familial relationships, transgenerational inheritance, and personal mythologies.
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Fred Fleisher Last Updated: 02/06/18
Working with multiple mediums, I find significance in unnoticed things while making associations with disparate cultural elements such as plush talismans, pro wrestling, sprituality and Walt Whitman.
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Sean Grandits Last Updated: 01/05/15
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Jill Hubley Last Updated: 03/10/18
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Polina Barskaya Last Updated: 01/19/11
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Elizabeth Hazan Last Updated: 01/13/16
Abstract geometric landscapes that draw from the city around my studio, and abstract work on paper from a variety of sources.
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Felipe Baeza Last Updated: 01/18/11
My work utilizes my biography not only to explore personal experience but also to provide a lens for the persistent effects of social institutions and cultural practices on the individual. Addressing everything from immigration to sexuality
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Natalia A Zubko Last Updated: 04/09/14
Site-Responsive, Transformative Environments/Installations, Small Sculptures, Collages/Drawings
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Kali-Ma Nazarene Last Updated: 02/14/11
Creating an involuntary narrative by capturing a subtle intimate dialog between subject, their body and environment.
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