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Keka Marzagao Last Updated: 08/22/17
Using primarily photography, audio and video, my work uses portraiture to examine issues of identity, representation, and displacement.
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Adel Maxwell Last Updated: 08/26/15
By producing works that are ostensibly definitive, Adel Maxwell brings the tradition of art making and contemporary evolution to a head.
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Tyrone Z. McCants Last Updated: 01/17/19
Various images that touch my heart, moved my spirit and charged my soul.
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Martin O McCormack Last Updated: 10/16/13
For the last 3 years I have been creating a collaged map of New York City using maps from menus, informational brochures and other ephemera.
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Mandy Mei Last Updated: 01/27/18
My visual art is focused around graphic design, lettering, and murals. I intend to use art making as a storytelling tool within communities around the globe to create positivity. Let that be therapy for the mind and body.
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Heather Merckle Last Updated: 12/09/16
In multimedia explorations merging art and science through metaphor and visual experience, I have been exploring the philosophical and spatial state of time, dark matter, gravity, and the presence of asteroids.
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Michael N. Meyer Last Updated: 06/13/13
Photography is my tool for examining how lives interconnect, how ideas converge and bounce off of one another, and how the world is changing moment to moment. I pluck images from the real world to model it, to concretize my idea of it.
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Daniel W Mirer Last Updated: 06/18/10
Title: In The Finest Tradition Photographic medium, Color Photographs, Digital “C" Fuji Crystal Archive Print Dimensions: 30 x 30 in (76.2cm x 76.2cm) & 48 x 48 in (121.92 cm x 121.92 cm) Portfolio Images: 20 x 24 (50.8cm x 60.96cm
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Carolyn Monastra Last Updated: 08/15/17
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Adrienne Moumin Last Updated: 10/16/16
Hand-printed B&W photographs and hand-cut-and-assembled silver gelatin photo collages.
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Kenneth Nelson Last Updated: 03/05/13
Traditional wet-darkroom gelatin silver prints. Photographing people and places, people in their places, and places full of people.
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Daniel A Norman Last Updated: 01/26/17
Daniel A. Norman's urban themed photography and paintings work has been included in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.
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Angelys F Ocana Last Updated: 04/14/14
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Grey Olavarria Last Updated: 06/22/11
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Mariette A Papic Last Updated: 08/21/17
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John Spencer Paul Last Updated: 05/16/13
My work is both narrative and abstract, basted in a vigorous linear and graphic art- informed from my life/work experience as a sign painter and scenic artist in the New York environment
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Robert Pennington Last Updated: 11/23/15
It is the human condition that excites me and people that interest me; when I make pictures it is to capture the truth.
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Jenna Petrone Last Updated: 03/14/18
Grounded in documentary traditions, I investigate domestic and urban spaces, how individuals shape their environments, and the converse. My work depicts the themes of relationships, individuality, meditations on light and interiors, and
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James Petrozzello Last Updated: 12/19/17
I use modern and historical photo processes ranging from wet plate collodion to digital video to examine individuals and institutions -- why they came to be, how they are presented to us, and how they affect our lives.
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Steven Pisano Last Updated: 12/22/14
I am interested in three types of photography: (1) performing arts--music, theater, dance, opera; (2) sports; and (3) street photography, mostly in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
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