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Jenny Polak Last Updated: 02/21/17
Polak makes site and community responsive art that reframes immigrant-citizen relations, amplifying efforts to end immigrant detention and racial profiling, and creating strategies for resisting hostile authorities.
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Anthony Ptak Last Updated: 07/28/10
Bridging distance. Avoiding. Elusive. System driven.
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Adrian Viajero Roman Last Updated: 01/25/12
Adrian Roman is a mixed media artist focusing primarily on installations, sculpture and drawing, was born in New York City of Puerto Rican decent. At the age of 12 he received specialized lessons at Pratt Institute in New York and attended
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Barbara J Schaefer Last Updated: 08/19/15
painting with light (photography) and painting with paint (paintings)
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Joshua R Sledge Last Updated: 06/26/10
I make devices and systems to explore the relationship of art, technology, and industry. My work is a collaboration of artist, skilled fabricator/mechanic, and outsider eccentric.
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Sara Sun Last Updated: 04/27/16
Sara's multidisciplinary work includes video with sound, installation, digital image and drawing. Her work has been included in numerous shows and screenings nationally and internationally since the late 80's.
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* Syma Last Updated: 01/03/17
Inspired by artifacts and magical belief systems of ancient cultures, my conceptual clay with mixed media works are meant to invite real or imagined participation.
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Anthony J. Thomas Last Updated: 03/06/13
I cultivate work from a spiritual realm, employing physical materials...fragile materials, attaching my inhibitions, contradictions and conflicts to each medium. Every medium chosen, helps the task of telling my anecdote of "survival".
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Jovanna R Tosello Last Updated: 08/19/17
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Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz Last Updated: 06/03/10
My paintings and work on paper are playful and abstract; my installations are satirical and sometimes surrealistic.
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Hyojin Yoo Last Updated: 03/01/19
My work begins with the awareness that concepts can only be understood if enacted in real time, with direct body involvement, and through the consensus of shared experience. Bringing everyday invisible to visible experiences.
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Stella Zhong Last Updated: 01/20/19
Stella Zhong is an artist working in simulated and built space.
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Raphael Zollinger Last Updated: 08/13/13
I am interested in the liminal state of the photographic image, both where representation merges with abstraction, as well as where the languages of photography, painting and sculpture collide.
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