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Syd Glasser Last Updated: 06/21/18
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Nancy Glover Last Updated: 08/09/17
Nancy Glover's work explores the psychological search for place.
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Baris Gokturk Last Updated: 03/31/18
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Sean Grandits Last Updated: 01/05/15
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Billy Graves Last Updated: 06/19/18
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KIra Nam Greene Last Updated: 03/14/16
My paintings negotiate the duality and dichotomy of my existence as an Asian immigrant woman in America. I paint still life of food symbolic of the imagery of desire for female body, surrounded by transnational icons and patterns.
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Rachel Grobstein Last Updated: 12/19/17
I create miniature sculptures and constellations of cut, painted paper.
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Donald Groscost Last Updated: 07/02/10
Donald Groscost explores the natural world through the arena of memory and the subconscious whereby a myriad of cultural references as disparate as animated films, children’s books or visual technologies often collide in a single form
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Ira joel Haber Last Updated: 05/21/10
Since 1969 I have been making small scale sculptures that use nature and architecture as it's imagery.
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Jen P Harris Last Updated: 10/29/10
Conceptual/representational visual artist working in painting and works on paper.
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Yasmin Hernandez Last Updated: 08/15/11
Using materials and palettes informed by my cultural and spiritual heritage, my paintings and installations chronicle the hidden histories of marginalized communities and affirm the continued quest for human liberation.
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Spring K Hofeldt Last Updated: 12/30/14
Each of my works immerse the viewer in a metaphor making light of life's trials and tribulations.
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William H Howard Last Updated: 08/23/17
As an artist, I attempt to capture through the use of painting, sculpture, and photography a moment in time that reflects our humanity.
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Tom Irizarry Last Updated: 10/30/15
I see the world as light and dark and I use shapes and light to depict the geometry of what I'm looking at - a world of vast beauty that will vanish if we do not preserve it, and document it, and paint it.
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Sara E Jean-Baptiste Last Updated: 10/02/16
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Diana Jensen Last Updated: 12/09/14
In my paintings and painting installations, I rediscover and resurrect people I find in forgotten photographs that I find at flea markets. This painting series references photos found on the wall of a pizzeria of the workers after hours.
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Patrick Jewell Last Updated: 05/09/16
I'm a painter and printmaker who uses different kinds of photographic sources in a painterly manner and with a reductive palette.
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Kisha Johnson Last Updated: 12/20/16
All of my artwork begins with a digital photograph, my images are layered, pasted and pushed beyond their recognizable photographic sources to form new compositions. I enjoy a freestyle approach to the use of media. I manipulate and integrate the imag
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Benjamin S Jones Last Updated: 03/14/13
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Erin Juliana Last Updated: 07/30/17
A multidisciplinary artist and educator working in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
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