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Quinn Dukes Last Updated: 04/08/11
I create performances, installations, sound pieces and sculptures that respond to environmental disasters and personal mythologies. I am concerned, curious and hopeful.
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Kate Elliot Last Updated: 12/08/14
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Loren Erdrich Last Updated: 07/25/17
I maneuver pools of pigment and water into recognizable forms from the vantage of a woman.
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Mike Estabrook Last Updated: 01/15/18
My work is an expression of my inner monsters that often dovetails with social criticism. I love things that are both ridiculous and serious, and seek to convey this through the absurd and the lo-fi.
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Benjamin M Evans Last Updated: 08/11/10
I paint on other people things. Frick! Frazzle-BOOM! AND I GET ALONG WELL WITH OTHERS GODDAM IT!
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Charlotte S Evans Last Updated: 08/11/15
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King Farish Last Updated: 10/16/10
The origin of this body of work is in compression and tension, growth and decay, and how these and other processes shape built environments.
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GORDON FEAREY Last Updated: 11/23/15
Painter focused on transparency and narrative of process and influenced by writing, weaving, and theatre improv.
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Juan Fontanive Last Updated: 07/13/13
Juan Fontanive makes films without using light.
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Sara E Fort Last Updated: 08/08/12
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Kyle Freeman Last Updated: 07/29/14
Recent works examine and reinterpret the shifting boundaries between public and private space within today's society.
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Xiao Fu Last Updated: 12/11/14
In my work I minimize the cityscape to simple geometric forms to present how I see the urban environment and the relationship between its people, its spaces, and its structures.
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Joseph Fucigna Last Updated: 02/13/16
Through experimentation, play and innovation I create sculptures and paintings that are known for their power to transform materials, inventiveness and odd but suggestive subject matter.
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Ana Garces Kiley Last Updated: 09/01/10
My work transforms the human body into a magical realist vessel for embodying archetypes of death, desire and our collective unconscious –those very things that make us most human and most enigmatic.
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Michelle C Gevint Last Updated: 11/23/15
My work intersects fiction and reality by exposing and defining cultural identities and collective memories.
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Joseph M Gillette Last Updated: 12/11/11
curating, combining, collaging culture
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Stephan S Goodwin Last Updated: 10/21/17
linocut prints and drawings; addressing questions of perception, identity, memory, time and impermanence.
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Jude M Griebel Last Updated: 12/09/12
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Rachel Grobstein Last Updated: 12/19/17
I create miniature sculptures and constellations of cut, painted paper.
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Ayasha Guerin Last Updated: 08/02/17
My photography and writing concern themes of the urban/natural, public and private space, ecology, community and security.
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