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Ross Simonini Last Updated: 08/23/11
Ross Simonini is a founder of the art collective/band, NewVillager, an editor at The Believer magazine, and a visual artist
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Jeffrey A Sims Last Updated: 02/02/17
Varied works of drawing, painting, sculpture and video derived from a still life practice addressing ideas of wealth, class and power.
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Elise C Tak Last Updated: 12/09/14
Elise Tak's work is a representation of a representation, THE symbol of fiction: Cinema! Tak meticulously chronicles the lives and careers of 10 world-famous movie actors. All are pure fiction. The artist LIES!
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Peach Tao Last Updated: 03/31/18
Peach Tao loves creating whimsical illustrations inspired by her travelings around the world, using various mediums including printmaking and mural painting.
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PIXEL The Artist Last Updated: 12/04/16
PIXEL (b.1996) is an surrealist-cubist artist from Saint Petersburg, FL currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York.
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Brad Thiele Last Updated: 05/08/15
i create text-based works that reformat everyday language and common materials, infusing conceptual language play and process-based execution with deadpan humor, logic games and purposeful misunderstanding.
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Daryl E Tillman Last Updated: 08/20/17
Nuance photography: capturing the moments that go unseen.
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Sky Vega Last Updated: 03/31/15
Multidisciplinary artist Sky Vega spearheads her creative company "Pittaway Art" which offers a variety of artistic services ranging from fine art and music to children's book illustration, stop-motion and special effects makeup work.
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Ellen Wallenstein Last Updated: 01/17/15
Collages of women in Art History. Also, photographs, for many years (see my website & blog).
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Haley Wiley Last Updated: 09/09/12
Works investigate materiality, and themes of exploration include vulnerability and strength, impermanence and permanence, as well as the built and unbuilt.
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Matthew Wilson Last Updated: 10/21/12
I tend to repeat myself.
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Chris Wright Last Updated: 05/15/14
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Yuxuan Wu Last Updated: 12/06/14
Related traditional Asian culture in my works is similar with art style in Brooklyn, which shows natural, and free.
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Siang-Jen Yang Last Updated: 07/14/10
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Fulvia Zambon Last Updated: 07/18/17
The subjects of my paintings are people and the composition of objects. The human figure in painting enters a different dimension. I transform appearances and reinvent these in the layers of color, are simultaneously real and detached.
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Raphael Zollinger Last Updated: 08/13/13
I am interested in the liminal state of the photographic image, both where representation merges with abstraction, as well as where the languages of photography, painting and sculpture collide.
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