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Janaye Brown Last Updated: 09/03/17
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Maria Hupfield Last Updated: 08/23/15
Activates artist made industrial felt/shiny material sculptures in live performance, video and 2D works.
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Don Doe Last Updated: 09/01/15
My image archive stems from a serious, almost forensic interest in how images are made, how they’re formed both physically and theoretically. I’m interested in making things that explore how we all remember and idealise each other.
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Cecilia Whittaker-Doe Last Updated: 08/31/15
I am a painter, the natural landscape is my subject and my works are executed on paper with silkscreen, oil and various materials or on birch panel with mixed media. Nature as metaphor for experience of light and shadow within ourselves.
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Derek Des Islets Last Updated: 09/29/15
Paintings imbued with the layers of life learning that all is more complicated than it seems yet simple as in the birth of a thought, child, or tears rolling down ones cheek.
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A Holly Sphar Last Updated: 03/03/19
In my work I am exploring traditional arts, and themes as they relate to and fit in with today's digital, ultra-connected society. My most recent work takes this a step further and relates these themes to one's sense of self.
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Erin Gleason Last Updated: 07/13/17
Drawing from the fields of philosophy, architecture, and design, my artworks critically and playfully challenge our relationship to measured space and time versus our experience of it.
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Ian C. Faden Last Updated: 01/29/16
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Ethan Weinstock Last Updated: 11/02/15
I am a video artist working with appropriated and representational imagery to navigate a world that has been digitized, categorized and full of content that is easily available but without context or history.
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Sari Nordman Last Updated: 08/13/19
Drawn to nature and history, I explore landscapes and how they contain the memory of those who’ve passed through them. My video work juxtaposes feminine mystery with environmental anxiety.
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Kimberly Faith Devaney Last Updated: 06/05/16
interdisciplinary artist
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Madeleine Cutrona Last Updated: 11/22/15
I use digital collage and performance to explore education, class and economics.
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Adela Wagner Last Updated: 08/21/17
I transform contemporary social issues into visual concepts with aim to incite debate, questions and raise awareness to contribute to change.
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Adrian C Coleman Last Updated: 01/05/16
Adrian is a painter of the disjunct landscape and cultural stratigraphy of New York City.
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Lourdes Bernard Last Updated: 08/21/17
Working with a variety of media my work weaves together visual poetry and storytelling to create images that are intense in their presence, and through their narrative content, materiality and composition, aggressively attract the viewe
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Angela L Muriel Last Updated: 03/15/20
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Froilan Vicente Last Updated: 03/25/16
Each painting is a record of its own process - a layered document of spontaneity, loss, chance association that ultimately deals with displacement and the (in)stability of home.
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Madi Dangerously Last Updated: 09/15/16
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Kenseth Armstead Last Updated: 11/18/16
Kenseth Armstead is a multimedia installation artist.
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Annie Shepherd Last Updated: 03/25/18
I am a glass artist whose work revolves around the theme of cartography and utilizing the blown form as a three dimensional canvas.
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