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Karen Mainenti Last Updated: 08/31/15
Mixed media work that wrestles with the definition of gender and femininity, unrealized dreams and impossible ideals.
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Karen Schmauk Last Updated: 10/24/15
Imagined and observed spaces and structures drawn over local topographical maps
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Mari Renwick Last Updated: 12/29/16
Working primarily in encaustic I follow several interests in subject matter, often images of nature, abstracted or obscured:most often decaying botanicals. Lately I am drawn to simple shapes with little to distract from the wax surface.
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Ryan Russo Last Updated: 11/05/15
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Sean Sweeney Last Updated: 11/23/15
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Judy Hoffman Last Updated: 11/30/15
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Marlene Weisman Last Updated: 07/27/17
My collage/paintings and assemblage art pieces are a mix of traditional and unconventional found materials, which express my statements about the ephemerality of everyday life, material culture, and the roles of women.
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Carolanna Parlato Last Updated: 03/16/16
"Her compartmentalization of expressive figures is a language she intentionally re-arranges in order to explore the possibilities of syntactical harmonies, counterpoised in both hue and gesture." – The Brooklyn Rail
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Amy Lemaire Last Updated: 05/17/16
Visual Artist with an active trade route, exploring and exchanging ideas of currency, value, and meaning by making objects, images, language and performance.
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Tegan M. Brozyna Last Updated: 09/20/16
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Leo Tecosky Last Updated: 12/20/16
I blow glass into a collage of sculptural typography and Oriental decorative motifs.
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Deborah Simon Last Updated: 06/08/18
My work walks the line between taxidermy, sculpture and toy. The pieces explore the tension between the reality of the animal and the toy, the wild and the tame, the beautiful and grotesque.
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Holli McEntegart Last Updated: 12/11/16
My work explores the storage and transmission of memory, myth and experience. I’m interested in mapping our very human engagement with the intersections of real and imagined experience using performance, video, sculpture and installation.
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Jamie Mirabella Last Updated: 08/09/17
My work focuses on found, photographic imagery and in particular, representations of gender, class, and nature.
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* Syma Last Updated: 01/03/17
Inspired by artifacts and magical belief systems of ancient cultures, my conceptual clay with mixed media works are meant to invite real or imagined participation.
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Jenny Polak Last Updated: 02/21/17
Polak makes site and community responsive art that reframes immigrant-citizen relations, amplifying efforts to end immigrant detention and racial profiling, and creating strategies for resisting hostile authorities.
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Christina Martinelli Last Updated: 04/05/17
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Sasha Chavchavadze Last Updated: 01/31/19
Mixed-media paintings, drawings, assemblages and installations
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Tracy Penn Last Updated: 05/28/20
I work with up-cycled materials, giving it a second life and creating more environmental value. These materials help me add texture to my work and give me the opportunity to create distorted grids, both key elements to my aesthetic.
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Janice Everett Last Updated: 08/04/17
I create digital montages using original photographs that play with the relationship between urban landscape and nature.
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