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Marcus N Pierce Last Updated: 12/18/15
I am a figurative artist primarily focusing on subjects pertaining cognitive science. I paint with an interdisciplinary approach, seekings elegant subjects that span fields. Much of my current work explores Tangled Hierarchy Consciouness
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Carrie Pollack Last Updated: 08/10/10
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Robert Raphael Last Updated: 07/13/17
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Carla E. Reyes Last Updated: 07/11/10
Painter + Mixed-Media Collage Artist
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Janet L. Rutkowski Last Updated: 08/04/15
Working with steel, I create sculptures from small to large scale which reflect many facets of my creativity,therefore they range from abstract to architectural and beyond.
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Federico Saenz recio Last Updated: 12/31/12
My work explores the basics and investigates the coexistence of nature and human structures referencing visually indigenous shapes, modern houses and street graffiti, and conceptually interested in the juxtaposition of these three worlds.
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Howard Saunders Last Updated: 01/03/17
Work is in a variety of media forms involving drawing, painting, collage and text. Most of the work is political in nature. Lately, aging (my own and in general) has been the focus of my interest through the use of an after ego.
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Christopher Saunders Last Updated: 04/20/12
My recent landscape paintings are primarily built around the cloud symbol as a depiction of event, and suggest the apocalyptic and contemplative sublime.
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Barbara J Schaefer Last Updated: 08/19/15
painting with light (photography) and painting with paint (paintings)
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Matthew Schenning Last Updated: 11/24/15
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Elinore Schnurr Last Updated: 05/21/10
I am a contemporary representational painter who focuses her work on the human experience with figurative images. The images are of New York City, exploring the interaction of people and their environments.
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Junko Shimizu Last Updated: 05/21/10
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Lauren Silberman Last Updated: 12/28/14
Community, identity, tradition, and ritual. Lauren is interested in the ways that people form their identities through their community. Observing as well as participating, her work ranges from photography to performance and installation.
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Laura Splan Last Updated: 08/19/12
My conceptually driven work interrogates the visual manifestations of our cultural ambivalence towards the human body. My objects & images employ a variety of media including sculpture, ceramics, photography, video & works on paper.
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Anne Spurgeon Last Updated: 08/20/17
Visual artist and art education professional specializing in assemblage and sculpture.
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Ines Sun Last Updated: 12/20/16
I paint to connect and nurture the soul.
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Sara Sun Last Updated: 04/27/16
Sara's multidisciplinary work includes video with sound, installation, digital image and drawing. Her work has been included in numerous shows and screenings nationally and internationally since the late 80's.
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Allan Tarantino Last Updated: 04/05/17
Biomorphic sculpture that distill essence into form.
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Loui A Terrier Last Updated: 12/01/14
The Knots and Flora series (Drawings and Paintings), are meditations on time perception, the layering of experience, obstruction, nostalgia, turmoil, and the charting of a personal chance operation. Inclement Portraits.
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Roger Voelker Last Updated: 06/02/15
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