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James Petrozzello Last Updated: 12/19/17
I use modern and historical photo processes ranging from wet plate collodion to digital video to examine individuals and institutions -- why they came to be, how they are presented to us, and how they affect our lives.
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Larry Racioppo Last Updated: 10/05/12
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Adrian Viajero Roman Last Updated: 01/25/12
Adrian Roman is a mixed media artist focusing primarily on installations, sculpture and drawing, was born in New York City of Puerto Rican decent. At the age of 12 he received specialized lessons at Pratt Institute in New York and attended
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James Frederic Rose Last Updated: 03/29/18
I paint the beauty of the world around me and the struggles of the people that live in it.
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Barry Rosenthal Last Updated: 12/19/16
I collect found objects from New York harbor, make the collections into various themed sculptures, then photograph the sculpture as the final expression of my art.
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Diana T Santiago Last Updated: 07/29/10
"Chiiiildren! Children NEVER bring good presents. Get rid´╗┐ of them"
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Sam Schanwald Last Updated: 06/14/17
I'm a queer illustrator and theater artist exploring the intersection of visual art and performance.
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Kate Sharkey Last Updated: 06/14/13
Abstract landscape
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Colin P Strohm Last Updated: 01/27/17
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Johnny Tang Last Updated: 02/13/17
Somewhere between eye candy and mind candy is where I want my work to live, and my process is all about maintaining that balance.
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Carlos Torres-Machado Last Updated: 04/15/17
My artworks combine a keen sense of color with technology, embracing the pastiche of Postmodernism and the dreaminess of Romanticism, this makes my series stand out as extremely pleasing and harmonious while being thought provoking.
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Hans Van Meeuwen Last Updated: 12/11/14
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Daniel A Vasquez Last Updated: 02/01/16
Woodblock Prints and drawings on paper inspired by Tribals Arts from around the world.
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Nathan J Wasserbauer Last Updated: 12/08/12
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Michael Watson Last Updated: 11/25/16
Mixed media, installation and performance using rice to represent an unconstrained body.
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Flint Weisser Last Updated: 08/01/10
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James Brendan Williams Last Updated: 01/28/14
Composed of industrial and found materials, the uncanny installations of James Brendan Williams evoke common, yet rarely noticed, components of the built environment.
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Tansy Xiao Last Updated: 02/09/17
New media artist working with retro found objects.
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Mie Yim Last Updated: 07/13/17
Childhood memories and characters from dreams iterated in abstract forms and colors.
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Dave Zackin Last Updated: 08/06/18
Ceramic vessels with old man faces on them. Sometimes funny.
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