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Esperanza Cortes Last Updated: 03/26/18
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Emma Cotter Last Updated: 12/04/15
As a choreographer, designer and visual artist, I create mixed media artworks that are highly technical and often have interactive or performative elements.
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Calum Craik Last Updated: 02/04/13
Originally from Scotland now residing in Brooklyn. My work takes many different formats, taking inspiration from popular culture, history and installation art.
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Lionel Cruet Last Updated: 03/09/16
Interdisciplinary Artist working with topics around geo-politics, economies and technology. The artworks are often complex digital printing processes, audiovisual material, performance, and three-dimensional installations.
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Anita Cruz-Eberhard Last Updated: 06/22/13
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Madeleine Cutrona Last Updated: 11/22/15
I use digital collage and performance to explore education, class and economics.
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Eva Davidova Last Updated: 07/27/17
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Leigh E. Davis Last Updated: 01/26/16
I am a multi-disciplinary artist creating socially minded projects that are deeply personal and anthropologically rich. My projects work to foster connections between viewers and community members, and to encourage dialogue.
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Rob De Oude Last Updated: 10/14/10
My most recent work consist of straight lines that through means of systematic intersecting optically curve and create moire like patterns.
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Cat Del Buono Last Updated: 02/28/18
Cat Del Buono is a Brooklyn-based artist and filmmaker whose works focus on social issues.
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Yana M Dimitrova Last Updated: 07/09/10
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Hubert Dobler Last Updated: 02/19/14
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Don Doe Last Updated: 09/01/15
My image archive stems from a serious, almost forensic interest in how images are made, how they’re formed both physically and theoretically. I’m interested in making things that explore how we all remember and idealise each other.
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Natalia J Donofrio Last Updated: 04/20/15
I am a visual artist working in painting and the moving image. My work is inspired by sound/color synaesthesia.
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Karni Dorell Last Updated: 07/08/12
My work questions social groupings and how the feeling of the group experience fluctuates between vulnerability and security.
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Alejandro Durán Last Updated: 08/02/13
Multimedia artist working in installation, photography, and video
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Loren Erdrich Last Updated: 07/25/17
I maneuver pools of pigment and water into recognizable forms from the vantage of a woman.
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Mike Estabrook Last Updated: 01/15/18
My work is an expression of my inner monsters that often dovetails with social criticism. I love things that are both ridiculous and serious, and seek to convey this through the absurd and the lo-fi.
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Benjamin M Evans Last Updated: 08/11/10
I paint on other people things. Frick! Frazzle-BOOM! AND I GET ALONG WELL WITH OTHERS GODDAM IT!
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Eliza Evans Last Updated: 10/17/17
I have a research-intensive practice that integrates source data, historical and literary references, imagery, and text.
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