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Leopold Masterson Last Updated: 10/21/16
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Bill Mazza Last Updated: 08/19/17
Tracing spatial and temporal relationships in mediated environments, often in real time, and often in collaboration.
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Jason L McKoy Last Updated: 07/04/14
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Traci Molloy Last Updated: 01/16/14
My work explores themes of adolescent culture, identity, violence, and the aftermath of trauma through painting, photography, printmaking, and installation,
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Andres Moncayo Last Updated: 03/04/19
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Daniele D Mucker Last Updated: 02/07/19
My work ranges from digital minimalist work to portraiture, abstract, collage, and audio visual. Im very versatile and am always trying new mediums and techniques.
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Martha Mysko Last Updated: 05/15/14
Cultural and personal associations tied to objects and materials are disrupted through formal play, and explorations of perception in a painting space.
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Chi L. Nguyen Last Updated: 09/02/12
Growing up in Haiphong, Vietnam, Chi Nguyen is influenced by her country’s folk art, lacquer paintings, and traditional calligraphy. She draws inspirations from a variety of subjects — ranging from human emotions to contemporary struggles.
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Sari Nordman Last Updated: 03/29/19
Video work that seeks to understand one's personal navigation, and the choices one makes on the path to becoming
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Angelys F Ocana Last Updated: 04/14/14
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Hab Oh Last Updated: 09/25/18
Challenging narratives, creating empowerment for Black people, and embracing the fringe of society through use of cartoon & comic art.
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Ciara OKelly Last Updated: 03/21/19
My work takes the form of large scale 3D modelled video installations incorporating both digital and physical entities.
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Christopher Onorato Last Updated: 08/20/16
Photo-Illustrative Photography of Supernatural Phenomenon
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Quimetta Perle Last Updated: 11/05/16
In my work, I am creating images of empowered, sexy women; they are wearing jewelry, and are made of jewelry.
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Timothy R Pickerill Last Updated: 02/27/19
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Becky Plattus Last Updated: 02/06/16
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James A Proctor Last Updated: 02/16/16
James Proctor is a software artist and data visualization designer.
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Associated Artists for Propaganda Research Last Updated: 11/21/13
The Associated Artists for Propaganda Research has at its roots a critique of the political and economical disinformation distributed by those intent on protecting invested interests.
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Carol B. Radsprecher Last Updated: 02/17/18
My current bodies of work are: oil paintings on canvas; drawings in Photoshop (limited-edition, of 25, inkjet prints; ink-and-acrylic on Claybord(TM).
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Michael Rain Last Updated: 11/22/15
Michael Rain communicates ideas through written and visual stories. His topic interests include design and technology and their relationship to culture as well as expanding the perception of people of color.
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