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Kathleen Dobrowsky Last Updated: 08/18/17
Conceptual paintings rendered in digital format sometimes highlighted with photographic images.
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Ethan Weinstock Last Updated: 11/02/15
I am a video artist working with appropriated and representational imagery to navigate a world that has been digitized, categorized and full of content that is easily available but without context or history.
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Cristobal Cea-Sanchez Last Updated: 03/15/17
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Saki Kishimoto Last Updated: 11/28/15
Each piece of my work has theatrical elements, which is infused with contemporary mythology.
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Madeleine Cutrona Last Updated: 11/22/15
I use digital collage and performance to explore education, class and economics.
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Michael Rain Last Updated: 11/22/15
Michael Rain communicates ideas through written and visual stories. His topic interests include design and technology and their relationship to culture as well as expanding the perception of people of color.
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Adela Wagner Last Updated: 08/21/17
I transform contemporary social issues into visual concepts with aim to incite debate, questions and raise awareness to contribute to change.
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Cecilia Schmidt Last Updated: 08/01/16
In my recent work, I construct tableaux specifically for the camera, staging dead birds and flowers that I collect in the urban areas and parks near my home, to create new forms--referencing J. J. Audubon and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
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M.TT Last Updated: 07/14/17
NYC streetscapes.
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Jason Laning Last Updated: 02/06/16
I combine fragments of politically-charged dialogue with drawing, painting, collage, and digital media in order to critique social, economic, and political systems of domination, and to explore methods for advancing radical social change.
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Pepper Ziss Last Updated: 08/01/16
illustration and hand lettering
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James A Proctor Last Updated: 01/19/20
James Proctor is a software artist and data visualization designer.
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Jordan Bortner Last Updated: 03/25/16
Digital and analog glitch artwork and video.
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Beryl Benbow Last Updated: 04/29/16
Collage inspired digital representation - sometimes digital photography will be used
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Stream Gao Last Updated: 07/10/16
I have been creatively researching new forms of storytelling through projects that experiment with emerging technology.
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A Holly Sphar Last Updated: 03/03/19
In my work I am exploring traditional arts, and themes as they relate to and fit in with today's digital, ultra-connected society. My most recent work takes this a step further and relates these themes to one's sense of self.
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Terrence C Jennings Last Updated: 08/12/16
Vision + Document = Mission. This equation has been my photographic mantra for 15 years strong and continues to be through chronicling a strong, noble and vibrant people living in the present for others to know in the future.
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Christopher Onorato Last Updated: 08/20/16
Photo-Illustrative Photography of Supernatural Phenomenon
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Stella M Magni Last Updated: 10/15/16
My art work is completely connected with my life experiences. I use my art as an instrument for healing and moving forward in life.
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Leopold Masterson Last Updated: 10/21/16
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