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Nasrene Haj Last Updated: 05/15/14
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Janice Handleman Last Updated: 11/19/13
My drawings play with aleatory actions: fluctuating between control and abandon. While I spill, pour, inject, and tip, I also create situations in which my input is limited and conditions may unfold on their own.
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Dev Harlan Last Updated: 02/07/19
Dev Harlan works in sculpture and digital media.
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Kristin Reiber Harris Last Updated: 03/09/19
Artist/Animator My fine art work includes drawings that combine an interest in plant life and sacred geometry and woodcuts. Animating short docs exploring connections of all life on Earth. Currently creating collages of recycled artwork.
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Lawrence C Heintjes Last Updated: 01/07/17
Creative, whimisical, always exploring new materials
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Ben Hilario-Caguiat Last Updated: 12/09/14
I create anime-inspired monotype and aquatint prints, sculptures, mixed-media and public work to invite the audience to temporarily step away from stress and play.
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Judy Hoffman Last Updated: 11/30/15
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Ruth M Hofheimer Last Updated: 02/05/14
I am an artist and community organizer engaged with public art, urban environmentalism and related social entrepreneurship.
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John Huntington Last Updated: 11/22/16
John Huntington is a Brooklyn based, award-winning photographer who shoots in fast-moving, challenging situations at the boundaries and intersections of nature, the city, and culture.
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Kiyoshi Ike Last Updated: 02/14/15
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RODRIGO IMAZ Last Updated: 08/10/10
Rodrigo relates his graphic work with site-specific strategies to investigate the blurry limits between time and space. Through poetical analogies of Nature and anthropogenic events his work emphasises the inadequacies of human reason.
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Tom Irizarry Last Updated: 10/30/15
I see the world as light and dark and I use shapes and light to depict the geometry of what I'm looking at - a world of vast beauty that will vanish if we do not preserve it, and document it, and paint it.
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Walter L Jackson Last Updated: 12/01/17
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Ianthe Jackson Last Updated: 09/18/18
My work looks at our psychological relationship to spaces, man made and natural. My main medium is drawing, sculpture and animation.
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Hong Seon Jang Last Updated: 07/29/10
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Elizabeth Jordan Last Updated: 06/20/15
Working primarily in sculpture, Elizabeth Jordan combines ordinary industrial and found objects with unique hand-made processes, producing works that exhibit the transitory nature of life.
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Eric Kaczmarczyk Last Updated: 02/17/14
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Chris Kannen Last Updated: 11/13/10
My recent paintings have a science background. They are imaginary commissions for a research facility, at home with the dataloggers and spectrometers, outdated styles and big ideas.
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Susan Kaprov Last Updated: 06/28/13
I strive to make the swirling abstract forms and vibrant colors in my work have symbolic meaning and spiritual power.
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Sarah K Kaufman Last Updated: 07/13/10
color photography
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