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Florence Neal Last Updated: 06/24/16
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Margaret Neill Last Updated: 04/01/14
Using abstract form I explore a singular concept; a reaffirmation of place and a lived emotional and physical experience of sensation and memory.
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Linda Lee Nicholas Last Updated: 12/05/14
Mixed media inspired by my obsession with our planet regarding environmental issues that affect our bodies, our food and our air.
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Sarah E Olson Last Updated: 01/06/15
I make paintings, drawings and performances about theories of the beginning of life, both religious and scientific, and surmise through my work how those ideas impact our present-day environment.
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Coco Papy Last Updated: 08/27/10
Exploring the contradictions of femininity , cultural identity, and the female grotesque.
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Peter Frank Patchen Last Updated: 07/18/14
Combines nature and technology to comment on culture using digital mixed media ranging from 3D printing and plotter drawings to digital photo collage and installation.
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Nico K Phillips Last Updated: 02/03/11
Abstract dreams built from paint, glitter and found objects.
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Rachel Phillips Last Updated: 12/28/15
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Carlos Pinto Last Updated: 01/16/19
Juan Carlos Pinto is an artist and art historian working in New York City. For the past 12 years, Juan Carlos has made Brooklyn his home . A native of Guatemala, his art is as expressive as the colorful and lush Central American nation.
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Christopher Quirk Last Updated: 10/01/11
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Jessica Ramirez Last Updated: 10/30/16
Sculptor and digital artist.
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Adrienne Reynolds Last Updated: 12/29/16
Linear compositions exploring physical and psychological space, energy, patterns, connections and dis-connections. Influenced by cities, architecture, travel, interconnectivity. Media: gouache on paper, and paper constructions.
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Izabela A Riano Last Updated: 10/26/16
I am continuously reestablishing my connection with my inner self and the surrounding world. My artwork equally express my internal emotions, instincts, and fears as much as they reflect the quintessential human feelings.
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Andrew C Robinson Last Updated: 07/18/17
Robinson's work includes ceramics, sculpture and works on paper. He is the founder of the Arts + Crafts Research Studio; dedicated to creating independent and collaborative artifacts at the intersection of art, craft and design.
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Aurora Robson Last Updated: 08/03/10
Formally, my work is a study in abstract, complex, organic forms based on my childhood nightmares. I work predominantly with materials found in the waste stream like plastic bottles, junk mail & excess packaging.
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Nancy A Rodrigo Last Updated: 12/21/16
Native New York artist, works in watercolors, oils, mixed media and drawing, biomorphic and surreal imagery. My inspiration has been the natural world, our interconnectedness with our planet.
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Jason M. Rondinelli Last Updated: 03/17/19
Drywall, cabbage juice and coconut oil, rotting roses and cedar planks —my artwork distills a lived experience into material reality. These materials take the shape of sculptural networks that serve as biographical biomes.
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Rosa Ruey Last Updated: 07/12/10
Collage + Drawings
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A. V. Ryan Last Updated: 02/03/16
I work with the expressive and luminous qualities of my forms and materials to create abstract sculptures and architectural installations.
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Robert J Salmieri Last Updated: 03/27/15
My paintings are visual metaphors of my everyday life. In that way they are like visual poems.
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