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Liz Brown Last Updated: 09/13/15
These are paintings of what I see with my eyes closed.
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Laura Karetzky Last Updated: 07/12/17
My work comprises a visual diary, where each instant is isolated as a fragment of a larger and often unresolved narrative. My process seeks to explore those instances when we feel as if we are mere observers to our own circumstance.
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Carol Fein Schwartz Last Updated: 05/22/14
Working primarily in wood, using a process of assemblage, building and carving, I try to show people in moments of their authenticity.
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Jason L McKoy Last Updated: 07/04/14
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Dorothy A Robisnon Last Updated: 07/12/14
My paintings explore the sort of hard-wired connection that exists between humans and the earth.
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Heather Merckle Last Updated: 12/09/16
In multimedia explorations merging art and science through metaphor and visual experience, I have been exploring the philosophical and spatial state of time, dark matter, gravity, and the presence of asteroids.
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Anne Gilman Last Updated: 09/03/14
Anne Gilman uses text and non-text drawing in varying formats that include large-scale works on paper, installations, prints, and multi-panel projects.
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Pia Coronel Last Updated: 08/09/15
The foundation of my work is based on displacement and the obscure means by which we search for the “original place” from whence we came.
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Agata Sanchez Last Updated: 10/02/14
Exploring the intersection between sex, myths and identity, my work examines the physical and psychological complexity of the female realm.
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Karen Margolis Last Updated: 11/08/14
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Andrea Manning Last Updated: 11/21/14
I make small to large scale ephemeral soft sculptures and installations out of paint that explore the space where binaries exist simultaneously in the same being.
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Robert Whitehead Last Updated: 12/03/14
Multimedia artist and poet. Work investigates psychological development, how we come to a sense of self or others through myth, history, fear, and want.
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Charles M Sommer Last Updated: 01/06/15
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John Boone Last Updated: 12/04/14
My work is with words and colloquial expressions painted in a digital font of my design.
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Rita F Zambori Last Updated: 03/04/15
My video and installation work focuses on performance and the mind as it explores notions of self- identity within the context of the soul or psyche.
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Xiao Fu Last Updated: 12/11/14
In my work I minimize the cityscape to simple geometric forms to present how I see the urban environment and the relationship between its people, its spaces, and its structures.
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Robert Dandarov Last Updated: 12/08/14
My images function through the language of myths to portray experiences that signify shifts in individual consciousness within the larger,often painful evolution of our civilization.
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C.Amina A Shaw-Moss Last Updated: 12/19/14
My work is a product of my interests in color, negative space, line and repetitive geometric shapes. I feel this work represents my personal story and my background in Art Therapy.
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Alana Ferguson Last Updated: 12/22/14
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Chris Lowery Last Updated: 01/06/15
I am obsessive compulsive and draw constantly: on rolodex cards, 5 x 8 plain index cards (folded in half), and pocket sized scraps of paper; this impulse has led to an entire body of art exploring my daily experience in the workplace.
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