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Gail Patricia Sims Last Updated: 07/20/17
Mixed media artist who dyes and discharges fabrics, screen prints and alters the material in numerous other ways, designing compositions and stitching together final product.
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Charlene Rymsha Last Updated: 10/25/15
Semi-abstract mixed-media paintings, wall sculptures and fine wearable art; primarily with use of spray paint, acrylics, marker, and pencil.
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Heather Merckle Last Updated: 12/09/16
In multimedia explorations merging art and science through metaphor and visual experience, I have been exploring the philosophical and spatial state of time, dark matter, gravity, and the presence of asteroids.
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Isabelle Jusseaume Last Updated: 08/03/15
Isabelle Jusseaume (b. In Limoges, France in 1986) is a Brooklyn-based artist interested in the appropriation of images and culture as well as the idea of collective memory vs. personal feelings.
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Nick Van Zanten Last Updated: 09/06/14
Painter whose work comments on the materials of painting and highlights the role of support and surface.
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C.Amina A Shaw-Moss Last Updated: 12/19/14
My work is a product of my interests in color, negative space, line and repetitive geometric shapes. I feel this work represents my personal story and my background in Art Therapy.
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Sadaf Padder Last Updated: 03/15/19
Abstract acrylic and alcohol ink using shapes radiating from fractal geometry and emitting natural energy
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Kiritin Beyer Last Updated: 02/14/18
I strive to make sense visually and trust that the poetry will follow.
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Jaclyn Levy Last Updated: 10/20/15
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Aparna Sarkar Last Updated: 11/23/15
I explore the abject, the body, gender, sex and desire through 2D forms.
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Joshua A Walters Last Updated: 08/01/17
I paint! Oils and acrylics. One might call my work suggestive, figurative, narrative, or surreal-ish. My subjects are meant to bridge conceptual gaps through metaphor, comment on modern culture, and hopefully cause the viewer to reflect
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Wilhelmina Grant Last Updated: 12/04/14
My found object assemblage art represents a re-evaluation of the life cycle of outdated, rusty, or broken items in a throwaway society -- the transformation of which is a metaphor for personal renewal and boundless possibilities.
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Jeanette Spicer Last Updated: 12/10/14
Curious investigations about boundaries, moments, gestures and the body in a time where we communicate and interact like never before.
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Antonio Aresco Last Updated: 12/03/14
Recurring themes include labour, repetition, the portal, and the window; suggestions of looking in or through a space beyond.
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Hidemi Takagi Last Updated: 02/23/16
Since leaving Osaka, Japan in 1997, I have been translating my personal vision of New York City into photographs and videos. The candy-colored, saturated playground of images that I create is how I have imagined America would look like.
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Taeesha T Muhammad Last Updated: 01/15/17
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Jessica Ramirez Last Updated: 10/30/16
Sculptor and digital artist.
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Elias N Melad Last Updated: 12/14/15
Pop Consumerism
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George Spencer Last Updated: 12/14/15
My work is about the contenders, the bloodied yet unbowed.
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Jonathan Sims Last Updated: 12/07/14
My paintings and design composite non-objective abstractions with experiments in symbol-based glyphs and scripts.
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Displaying: 81 - 100 of 168 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>       Sort by:

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