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Sara E Fort Last Updated: 08/08/12
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Petros Chrisostomou Last Updated: 08/14/12
Still life photography, sculpture and Installation.
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DORA DIASPORA Last Updated: 08/31/12
expressionistic oil portraiture, intricate line drawings, as well as non-representational "emotional landscapes", visual poetry, video, sound, and performance.
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Bianca Dorsey Last Updated: 01/04/17
I get a lot of spiritual guidance in my life and in my work I listen to spirit guides, my intuition and my heart in manifesting my creations.
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Lawrence F Mesich Last Updated: 07/16/15
Lawrence Mesich's media work explores moments when bodies and buildings intersect, and their political and social effects. He uses corporate aesthetics and dry wit to frame these subjects as both singular entities and complex systems.
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Deric Carner Last Updated: 02/07/18
I make work about the body using additive techniques that emphasizes the human touch.
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Shane P Morrissey Last Updated: 12/21/14
I use dialectic relationships between objects and an implied absence to create installations about memory.
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Derek Weisberg Last Updated: 07/20/13
Figurative sculpture with a naturalistic stylization which emphasizes human emotions and conditions such as longing, dysfunction, vulnerability, compassion, melancholy, and grieving.
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Kavi Srinivasaragavan Last Updated: 05/10/20
To characterize the simple beauty in things and the many answers it holds.
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Sophia Chizuco Last Updated: 03/14/19
I am a multidisciplinary artist. I create site specific installations, sculptures, abstract paintings and performance. I was born and grew up in Japan, moved to New York in 2000. Currently I work in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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Linda Kamille Schmidt Last Updated: 12/30/19
Two-sided paintings on Mylar and fabric installations with colorful transparent panels. The panels interact with each other, capturing and reflecting ambient light and air. Unfinished and frayed edges convey gestural and ephemeral qualities
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Nancy S Baker Last Updated: 12/22/16
Nancy Baker creates two and three dimensional constructed paper works that combine printed and painted digital components, with glitter, acrylic paint and matte medium.
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Peter Gynd Last Updated: 12/19/16
The Blanket Series embodies a multi-year exploration on the connection of the body and landscape and draws on popular notions of the blanket as an object of personal protection, comfort, and veiling.
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Elizabeth Riley Last Updated: 12/11/19
My work addresses questions concerning the complex and changing world we inhabit, individually and as a society, and our "mixed reality," living between physical and digital/virtual contexts.
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Austin Ballard Last Updated: 12/20/16
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Ivana Basic Last Updated: 10/25/13
Ivana Basic’s work examines the boundaries of “human minimality” and explores the notions of "the uncanny" and "the abject" through various mediums.
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Jordan Bortner Last Updated: 03/25/16
Digital and analog glitch artwork and video.
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Feng-Tsung Chan Last Updated: 01/31/17
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Aaron Kreiswirth Last Updated: 12/29/13
Medium format color landscape photography.
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Linda Buongermino Last Updated: 11/02/17
Landscapes, Portraits, Street Scenes
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