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Spencer Merolla Last Updated: 08/16/17
Concept-driven two- and three- dimensional work investigating material culture, mourning and the ability of objects to retain and transmit meaning.
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Jackie A Duvall-Smith Last Updated: 12/03/17
The possible histories of objects I find have long intrigued me. Why was this item discarded? What did it once mean to the person who owned it? If this object could talk, what stories would it tell? In my work, I am looking for a story.
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Michael Lopez Last Updated: 02/13/18
This series chronicles the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn. Inspired by the gentrification of this neighborhood, I find myself drawn less to the intrusion of the contemporary and more to the timeworn character of my surroundings.
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Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo Last Updated: 12/31/20
Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo is a visual artist and an independent researcher based in New York.
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Yan Kong Last Updated: 08/18/18
In the last ten years I have worked with discarded materials from Brooklyn construction dumpsters, found materials and have been working since 2016 on a multi-media installation work called the Balloon Project.
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Winnie G van der Rijn Last Updated: 03/17/19
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Nene Humphrey Last Updated: 12/20/19
My multidisciplinary artworks combine drawing, sculpture, performance and video to depict a seemingly infinite space of emotion and memory as it is processed in the brain,and often involves collaboration with neuroscientists and musicians.
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Madeleine Sinnock Last Updated: 04/12/21
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Natale Adgnot Last Updated: 04/06/20
Abstract sculptures and drawings (black and white, minimalist, graphic) by a Franco-American woman artist recently relocated to Brooklyn from Tokyo, Japan
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Rachel Kahn Last Updated: 04/05/21
Working between painting and sculpture: sculptural wall relief paintings that breathe and question their relationship to the wall and painting.
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Displaying: 81 - 90 of 90 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5       Sort by:

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