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Christopher E Larson Last Updated: 07/14/17
NOTOS, aka Chris Larson, is a visual artist utilizing digital art, mixed media, sculpture, and collage combined with elements of light & motion, to open thought provoking discussion with an aim to explore and generate social change.
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Kellyann Monaghan Last Updated: 03/17/19
Painter of landscapes both real and imaginied, of cityscapes and dramatic weather events.
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Trishia Frulla Last Updated: 07/23/17
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Amy Finkbeiner Last Updated: 08/21/17
Paintings, drawings, installations, performances, audio works, and ephemera by Amy Finkbeiner.
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Yejin Yoo Last Updated: 03/06/18
Yejin Yoo's medium-referential photo work is an extension of traditional abstract paintings that are based on emotional and individual expressions. She works cross mediums that can be viewed virtually or printed on paper again.
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Karen Nielsen Last Updated: 04/04/18
I work in new media video and still image collage works and installations as well as live interactive media performance.
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Danielle Charette Last Updated: 04/12/18
The Art of Danielle Charette | Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist | Brooklyn, NY
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Zakkai Urasenke Research & Innovation Last Updated: 03/13/19
Current research is focused on Post-Social Media artforms, currently working with Surround Sound Sonic Installations.
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Natalie Moore Last Updated: 03/15/19
My work is an intersection of sculpture and drawing, I often employ traditional craft techniques with new materials and methodologies.
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Rebecca Major Last Updated: 01/01/21
Rebecca Major's work is concerned with notions of persona and identity.She is a mixed-media artist working in installation,sculpture photography,and video. Currently, she is exploring notions of figurative abstraction and the unconscious
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Dalia Amara Last Updated: 09/01/19
Dalia Amara is an American-Jordanian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York with a practice based in photography, video and performance art.
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Isabel Carson Last Updated: 05/15/20
Isabel Carson is a site-specific sculptor and installation artist. She is from New Zealand and lives in Brooklyn.
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