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Chris Bors Last Updated: 07/12/16
New York-based artist Chris Bors is a virtual dumpster diver who makes paintings, videos and digital collages.
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Isabella Sarra Glaz Last Updated: 01/17/15
Isabella's work art work exhibiting in US and European galleries and sold to private collectors.
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Howard M Skrill Last Updated: 03/10/19
Drawings and pictorial essays drawn from local examples of public statuary for the Anna Pierrepont Series
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Jamie Kay Last Updated: 07/06/15
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Shamus Clisset Last Updated: 07/16/15
FakeShamus, Interdimensional Spirit Walker - through the portal of digital space.
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Joseph P Dolinsky Last Updated: 11/22/15
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sandra b cohen Last Updated: 01/22/16
My drawings and mixed media artworks on paper emphasize, yet are not limited to, the aesthetics of organic and non-organic forms.
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IOANNIS MAVRIKAKIS Last Updated: 08/17/16
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Beth Godley Last Updated: 07/15/17
I melt, cast, and paint on glass
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Eleni Karotseri Last Updated: 01/08/17
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Nancy Glover Last Updated: 08/09/17
Nancy Glover's work explores the psychological search for place.
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Ann Hunt Currier Last Updated: 02/04/16
My recent works are photographic prints made from digital captures of real objects that are combined with spaces I draw, paint, and assemble. Photographing the construct is a way for me to memorialize and fix how the whole is to be seen.
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Charles J Crowell Last Updated: 08/10/17
I am a self-taught artist who has dedicated their work to exploring the toxic love affair between past and present. My central material in concept and in practice is time, used to investigate the binary system of being and non-being.
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Michael Clemow Last Updated: 03/26/18
My work explores the politics of landscape and the periphery of lived experience using sound, images, text, and performance.
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Suhaly Bautista-Carolina Last Updated: 11/17/15
creatively documenting humans, being + becoming in natural spaces
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Sally Minker Last Updated: 11/07/16
A photographer who lives in Park Slope
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Richard F Kessler Last Updated: 02/06/16
Rapidograph 00 pointillism, acrylic painting, starting to experiment with acrylic transfers. Mainly figurative, head, hands, torso.
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Grace Markman Last Updated: 03/14/16
I am painting the body as vehicle, simple forms with wings or wheels traveling precariously through their environment finding chance encounters, missed connections and always the uncertainty of any rest or arrival.
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Diego Anaya Last Updated: 07/11/17
Art is a violent passion. When I say violent, I’m describing the intense force of how I create, how I think, how I express myself and how I live my life...
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Sonjie F Solomon Last Updated: 12/30/16
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