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Michelle Levy Last Updated: 02/15/18
Experimental storytelling, exploring personal systems of belief through multimedia performance lecture, video, images, and artifacts.
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Luisa Caldwell Last Updated: 06/15/15
Caldwell makes sculpture installations and collage-based paintings from reclaimed and collected materials, that speak anywhere from architecture to botany. Strong color and an ephemeral nature are consistent in her work.
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Grace Roselli Last Updated: 11/22/15
Working primarily through performative photography, painting and sculpture, I celebrate and interrogate cultural perceptions via the unspoken language of the female form and the narrative potential found in innocuous materials.
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Christopher Onorato Last Updated: 08/20/16
Photo-Illustrative Photography of Supernatural Phenomenon
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Victoria Palmedo Last Updated: 02/13/16
my artistic production includes ceramic sculptures of all sizes that are first thrown on the wheel and then assembled and molded by hand and decorated with engobbe
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Jeremy Cash Last Updated: 03/05/19
My medium for the past number of years is collage. The subject matter generally has figurative references.
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Silvia Forni Last Updated: 03/24/16
I am a photographer/videographer living in Brooklyn. I work with Stop Motion Videos and my photography work is mainly concentrated on portraits. I am italian and I live in the States since 2004.
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Michael A Hernandez Last Updated: 03/30/16
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Lisa Hein Last Updated: 07/23/16
Found-object sculpture and installations; site projects in collaboration with Robert Seng.
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Caitlin L Foster Last Updated: 03/30/17
Drawings are portals into endless expanse and black holes. I am interested in converting these daily, ordinary effects into repetitive, psychedelic abstractions, creating depth and sublime from the mundane.
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Chris Klapper Last Updated: 01/13/17
I collaborate with my husband, Patrick Gallagher. Our current work centers around the use of emerging technology and interaction.
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Carolyn H Figel Last Updated: 09/22/16
Fun, whimsical and often self-deprecating artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
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Marco Scozzaro Last Updated: 11/08/16
I am interested in identity, memory and the discomfort of leaving in the post-modern world. With my work I explore the fine line between reality and fiction and how photography and its inherent artifice fill the gap.
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Randy Gibson Last Updated: 04/23/18
Randy Gibson is a Brooklyn-based artist composing with sound, time, light, and space. Gibson's performances, installations, and objects aim to shift and refocus the perception of passing time.
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Fefa Românova Last Updated: 12/21/16
My work is an experimental source of applying ethnic art into an abstract composition. By sketching human and animal forms, and adding texture into a meditative fluid process it allows me explore the development as an organic evolution.
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Karolina Wojtasik Last Updated: 01/05/17
Karolina Wojtasik works in New York, Los Angeles and across the globe. Most recently she shot her signature portrait series in Siberia, Africa, and India. She specializes in Portraits, Entertainment, Advertising and commissioned photograph
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Diana Shpungin Last Updated: 01/09/17
My graphite-centric drawing, sculpture & hand-drawn animation work elusively investigates identity & encompasses an obsessive conceptual framework, denoting recollection & disappearance, memory & forgetfulness, and mark making & erasure
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Debbie O'Donnell Last Updated: 05/20/17
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Diego Sierralta Last Updated: 08/23/17
Drawings, sketches, photography.
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Min Ko Last Updated: 08/20/17
Calligraphy in both English & Korean build layer over layer in fluorescent pink and green with black and white to fill large canvases that are cut up and sold as pieces of a whole.
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