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DovBer Marchette Last Updated: 01/26/12
Art and Life are not separate. The process is to work, make decisions, and live life.
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Karen Marston Last Updated: 05/04/15
I am mesmerized by the power of elemental threats like fire and storm, bigger and more frightening than ever, amplified rather than tamed by modernity.
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Christina Massey Last Updated: 09/23/17
Christina Massey’s work teeters of the edge of both painting and sculpture. Her work indulges the senses with an overload of aesthetic qualities like textures, color, form and pattern.
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Barry G Masteller Last Updated: 12/08/15
Abstract painter with an emphasis on figure and landscape-currently working on a new body of small format figure paintings of people he sits across from while riding on the subway trains of NYC. arranged in groups of three as conversations.
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Jennifer E Matthews Last Updated: 12/29/14
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Hildy Maze Last Updated: 05/07/16
My work is about the investigation of mind thru art.
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Kevin Mc Dowell Last Updated: 09/10/12
I am an eclectic visualist which style ranges from a traditional contemporary, modern to digital tech.
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Jason L McKoy Last Updated: 07/04/14
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Kathleen A McSherry Last Updated: 06/25/14
Born, raised and lived in Brooklyn. It will always be "home" to me.
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Suzanne T Meehan Last Updated: 08/07/17
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Hermann Mejia Last Updated: 08/19/17
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Joseph Meloy Last Updated: 03/04/15
Post-graffiti abstraction
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Jake Mezrahi Last Updated: 01/28/19
I paint about my experiences and my American - Jewish - Iranian - Iraqi background.
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Shayla Milan Last Updated: 12/07/16
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Michael Robert Miller Last Updated: 09/17/12
My paintings are explorations of imagery and emotion, I attempt to make something recognizable or quotidian become radiant. Figures in the work might be abstracted, I don't distort images. Rather, I depict them as life itself distorted
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Cindy Millin Last Updated: 10/30/16
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Kellyann Monaghan Last Updated: 03/17/19
Painter of landscapes both real and imaginied, of cityscapes and dramatic weather events.
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Janet Morgan Last Updated: 06/18/10
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Kikuko Morimoto Last Updated: 02/15/17
My art is based around shapes and colors and my goal is that the viewer loses him/herself in the color, and merges with the art itself.
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Daniele D Mucker Last Updated: 02/07/19
My work ranges from digital minimalist work to portraiture, abstract, collage, and audio visual. Im very versatile and am always trying new mediums and techniques.
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Displaying: 101 - 120 of 189 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>       Sort by:

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