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Robert Schaad Last Updated: 08/09/16
Not entirely abstract, occasionally representational.
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BarbaraRae Schaefer Last Updated: 10/02/11
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Michael Scott Last Updated: 10/07/13
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Ryan Scully Last Updated: 08/03/10
I paint biomorphic shapes and imaginative landscapes. My images play out narratives of my own life as well as larger ideas of nature, society, and the changes we are bringing to our environment.
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Eliza Siegler Last Updated: 04/10/14
Mixed Media, Paintings, Fabric, Color.
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Ross Simonini Last Updated: 08/23/11
Ross Simonini is a founder of the art collective/band, NewVillager, an editor at The Believer magazine, and a visual artist
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Asya Dodina / Slava Polishchuk Last Updated: 07/19/10
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Sophia Sobers Last Updated: 03/08/19
SOPHIA SOBERS is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in installations and site specific work. She creates soft sculptures and ambient sounds and is interested in investigating the boundaries between science, technology, and nature.
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Arielle Stein Last Updated: 03/19/17
My work is an exploration of personal and communal identity. My perspective is informed by Jewish folklore and mythology, approached from a feminist angle. I explore female and gender non-conforming bodies, as well as taboo.
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Allan Tarantino Last Updated: 04/05/17
Biomorphic sculpture that distill essence into form.
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Alina Tenser Last Updated: 09/05/12
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WILD TORUS Last Updated: 09/14/13
WILD TORUS is a collaborative platform of Brooklyn-based artists who create chaotic, cult performance happenings and site-specific installations using both digital and analog forms.
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Erin Treacy Last Updated: 11/11/15
In the studio I aim to capture that moment when something teeter-totters on the verge of object- hood and dissolution.
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London Tsai Last Updated: 05/01/15
I make sculptures and document the process of my object making, which involves industrial machinery and welding; this practice is in resistance to our being defined and harvested as dividual consumers of mass-produced symbols.
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Josette Urso Last Updated: 05/31/16
In my drawings, paintings and collages I move back and forth between urban and natural subjects where the contrasts and cross-fertilizations are cumulative, non-linear, free flowing and interpretive.
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Annie B. Varnot Last Updated: 01/18/14
I accumulate discarded objects and nontraditional materials, transforming them through painstaking methods into sculptures and installations. Both material and process are significant to the content of my work.
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Jerome A Walker Last Updated: 03/02/16
I am an origami artist. I work with all types of paper,.ie; manufacture,recycled papers.
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Colin O.w Warde Last Updated: 09/10/14
I usually describe my art work as morphological,which to my mind is the single word that encompasses all that my work represents.
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Julia Whitney Barnes Last Updated: 12/15/14
I am a multidisciplinary artist who makes indoor and outdoor works related to the natural world
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Daniel Wiener Last Updated: 08/02/12
I make sculpture reminiscent of scholar rocks on acid.
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