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Laura R Bernstein Last Updated: 12/11/14
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Pamela A Casper Last Updated: 07/17/17
What I create is meant to inspire contemplation of the fragile beauty of nature and interrogate the relationship between humans and their surroundings.
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Maeve M. Hogan Last Updated: 01/26/16
An artist and a scholar, my work is both physical and conceptual, dealing with memory, identity, process and traditional women's work. My most recent work are process based experiments in drawing in textile, stitches replacing ink.
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Megan A Ferguson Last Updated: 01/08/15
The majority of my work is made using spray paint. I prefer to use this media because I believe it allows you to use your entire body when creating work.
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Melissa W Staiger Last Updated: 12/06/16
My abstract work encompasses basic shapes such as lines, circles and triangles. These forms are not only the building blocks of the cosmos, but also powerful symbols that have been used in many cultures all over the world.
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Jamal Ince Last Updated: 01/05/15
Color and pattern are like layers of thought and emotion likened to musical phrasings, cadences, crescendos, and themes and variations. I am a colorist
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Ashley A Ayala Last Updated: 01/18/15
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Tony James Last Updated: 01/21/15
Abstract expressionism & conceptual art. Whatever image is conceived in my head is expressed through my heart & hands.
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Sarah Max Beck Last Updated: 11/02/15
Community enabled catharsis through the repetition of small acts that are cumulative yet transient and for a greater good. Good citizens save a certain type of plastic from the waste stream and that plastic I then weave into a matrix.
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Emily Roff Last Updated: 12/21/16
Contemporary portrait painter
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Alison Brockhouse Last Updated: 07/12/17
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Barbara Russell Last Updated: 04/14/15
aka ms b the doodle queen is inspired from the street, the moments of the week, the people I meet, or the desserts that I eat that are absolutely too sweet
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Michael Serafino Last Updated: 12/19/16
Experiments in painting: cosmologically inspired burn canvases, spliced image paintings (with science experiments, indie rockers and fashion adverts), en plein air adventure painting.
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Chloë Bass Last Updated: 11/04/15
I am a conceptual artist working in the co-creation of situations, installations, and publications, all with a focus on the everyday as a catalyst for intimacy.
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Robert C Beck Last Updated: 08/03/15
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Dahn Hiuni Last Updated: 08/05/15
Multimedia artist
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Kia C Dyson Last Updated: 11/05/15
Digital art and collages.
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KIra Nam Greene Last Updated: 03/14/16
My paintings negotiate the duality and dichotomy of my existence as an Asian immigrant woman in America. I paint still life of food symbolic of the imagery of desire for female body, surrounded by transnational icons and patterns.
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Tré Chandler Last Updated: 10/23/15
Complicit Aesthetics/ Conceptual Fan Labor/ Cultural Smudging/ Fashionable Alienation
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Mark Joshua Epstein Last Updated: 01/26/16
Abstract works on paper referencing textiles, fashion, the body, bad taste, and queerness.
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