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Katherine Kisa Last Updated: 07/26/17
Vinyl record assemblages created with discarded records, found objects and paint on wood.
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Sarah E Bisceglie Last Updated: 01/16/14
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Carol Salmanson Last Updated: 03/26/18
Carol Salmanson is an artist working with light and reflective materials.
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Elliot J Storey Last Updated: 12/15/14
Primarily a filmmaker but during the process of developing a film I make performance sculptures, photographies, drawings, archival process that shall be included in the final film or shall at least help construct the narration.
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Aaron Miller Last Updated: 02/07/14
My artistic research is best described as a social inquiry into class-consciousness. My work links two disparate worlds; the mining industries of Wyoming and the sophistication of the 19th century upper classes.
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Ian Cochran Last Updated: 02/11/14
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Christian Ruiz berman Last Updated: 02/27/14
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Wendy Klemperer Last Updated: 03/03/14
In bold gestural forms I investigate the body language of animals. In steel (and wax;) motion conveys emotion. I scavenge scrap yards for industrial refuse ravaged by demolition. Bent, twisted, steel contains energy and potential new life.
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Rebecca Riley Last Updated: 12/14/14
I manipulate maps to explore geopolitical, socio-economic and environmental relationships between and within countries, cities and waterways.
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Max P Yawney Last Updated: 05/15/14
The project pairs diverse abstract imagery, using a diptych format as paintings, photographs and sculptural installations. The differing nature of the two images functions as subject matter, similar to sound variations in music.
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Margaret A Maclean Last Updated: 03/27/14
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Angelik The Artist Last Updated: 07/04/17
The themes of her work revolve around the evolution of the human body through body modification, studies of our universe and her signature three circles.
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Jeff Schwarz Last Updated: 05/18/15
I am a mixed media artist.
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David Bender Last Updated: 07/11/14
i like a painting that shows the scars of a good fight.
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Kyle Freeman Last Updated: 07/29/14
Recent works examine and reinterpret the shifting boundaries between public and private space within today's society.
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James Moore Last Updated: 08/09/14
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Roxanne M Jackson Last Updated: 08/13/14
Ceramic, Mixed media Sculpture and installation work.
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Samantha Robinson Last Updated: 02/29/16
My work seeks to show a painting's object-hood by exploring the relationship between frame, fabric support, wet media, and the wall, all while working with the traditional concept of what a painting is.
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Jayanthi Moorthy Last Updated: 08/18/14
Asian artist working with spices on the floor, paintings on canvas and media installations inspired by Indian culture
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Molly Rapp Last Updated: 10/26/14
Sculptural works with paper & metal
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