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VJ Comando Last Updated: 06/09/18
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Billy Graves Last Updated: 06/19/18
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Hab Oh Last Updated: 09/25/18
Challenging narratives, creating empowerment for Black people, and embracing the fringe of society through use of cartoon & comic art.
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Dexx Rushin Last Updated: 08/12/19
My work ranges from digital minimalist work to portraiture, abstract, collage, and audio visual. Im very versatile and am always trying new mediums and techniques.
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Andres Moncayo Last Updated: 03/04/19
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Ciara OKelly Last Updated: 03/21/19
My work takes the form of large scale 3D modelled video installations incorporating both digital and physical entities.
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Kinna LeBlanc Last Updated: 01/10/20
Ms. Kinna LeBlanc is a Dominican born, Brooklyn raised Digital Illustrator! KLC creates and oversees exceptional visual projects, style installations and content. Experienced with many years of multifaceted arts and entertainment
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Khadine S Beckford Last Updated: 10/08/19
"Where mind spirituality and creativity meet" _Lovin Creations Network
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Cheyenne Lewis Last Updated: 10/17/19
My artwork is mainly use of vibrant colors while expressing the idea of expanding the view of what others see in the world.
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Daniel Bejar Last Updated: 12/30/19
My work considers and critiques the representation of history, place, and the self within the structures of power encompassing our physical and digital worlds.
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Kathleen Laziza Last Updated: 02/06/20
My work is interdisciplinary interactive performance art.
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Lauren Rocco Last Updated: 04/09/20
My work focuses on fine art photography and photo manipulations. I use a variety of digital means to unify the colors, space and time in each image to bring about feelings of connectedness in imagery that otherwise may feel separate.
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Brooklyn, NY 11217


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We present and incubate new work that reflects the diversity that surrounds us.

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