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Helene P Mukhtar Last Updated: 10/19/17
I am a painter, animator and mixed media installation artist. My work celebrates the human spirit and life on our planet in all its forms. I am also a producer for Brooklyn Free Speech TV and curate and present NUGGETS a show on video-art.
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Martha Mysko Last Updated: 05/15/14
Cultural and personal associations tied to objects and materials are disrupted through formal play, and explorations of perception in a painting space.
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Sophia Narrett Last Updated: 12/27/16
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Rene Nascimento Last Updated: 06/01/17
As a native Brazilian, I have been inspired by New York Cityscapes for over 14 years, and have embraced the vibrant colors and diversity of Brooklyn.
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Chi L. Nguyen Last Updated: 09/02/12
Growing up in Haiphong, Vietnam, Chi Nguyen is influenced by her country’s folk art, lacquer paintings, and traditional calligraphy. She draws inspirations from a variety of subjects — ranging from human emotions to contemporary struggles.
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Jaime A Normand Last Updated: 09/27/16
Acrylic and Charcoal on Panel, Ceramics
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Danielle Orchard Last Updated: 08/21/14
Figurative oil painting
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Dara Oshin Last Updated: 03/26/19
I create paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs, mix them up with my thoughts and feelings, add a little love and send them out into the world.
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Kenneth E. Parris III Last Updated: 11/16/16
Through mixed media paintings, graphite drawings, and object-oriented installations, my work explores interpersonal relationships and the human condition to consider how ones actions affect the surrounding human landscape.
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Jeremy Penn Last Updated: 03/20/12
My work explores the initial feelings of a single gaze and the deconstruction of that moment in time, creating a seductive power play between the viewer and the art.
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Rosa B Perr Last Updated: 01/21/15
Dreams of sea, memories of family, and moons always moons.
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Tracy E Phillips Last Updated: 11/05/14
Paintings that explore both figurative and abstract imagery that hold in common narratives that touch on psychological themes.
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Rachel Phillips Last Updated: 12/28/15
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Marvin Piqué Last Updated: 08/16/18
Neo expressionism, abstract, figurative, words
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Ekaterina S Popova Last Updated: 07/08/10
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Donna Powers Last Updated: 10/27/15
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Joseph B Pravda Last Updated: 03/06/18
His work's been paged, framed, screened and staged.
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Kimmy Quillin Last Updated: 03/24/18
"Ma, your hair. It's so small."
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Christopher Quirk Last Updated: 10/01/11
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Carol B. Radsprecher Last Updated: 02/17/18
My current bodies of work are: oil paintings on canvas; drawings in Photoshop (limited-edition, of 25, inkjet prints; ink-and-acrylic on Claybord(TM).
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