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Ivana C Larrosa Last Updated: 12/19/18
I work primarily with photography, video installations and performance.  I am interested in conceptual strategies that have to do with the body as an object of study and a medium to approach memory and trauma.
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Laura Sue King Last Updated: 01/17/19
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Chanette Manso Last Updated: 02/13/19
Manso helps local communities along with creative technologies, bring value to people, places, and things by crafting long exposure photography performance into images.
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Rachel Mica Weiss Last Updated: 02/22/19
Using the processes and aesthetics of weaving, I create sculptures and installations on textiles' relationship to architecture. I use building materials like concrete and marble, as well as rope and thread, to underscore that relationship.
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Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong Last Updated: 02/27/19
Public Art, Sculpture, Installation & Performance
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Allie Olson Last Updated: 03/07/19
Whimsical surprises, interactive experiences and textured artworks inspired by vulnerability and human connection.
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Leonard Ursachi Last Updated: 03/17/19
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Renana Neuman Last Updated: 03/11/19
I make moving-image works that combine videos, animations, and moving mechanisms, addressing questions of belonging and un-belonging, migration and homecoming, ground, place, and borders.
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Alissa D Polan Last Updated: 03/13/19
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KS Brewer Last Updated: 03/16/19
Exploring trauma through interdisciplinary video, sculpture, and installation.
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Bradly Dever Treadaway Last Updated: 03/17/19
Bradly Dever Treadaway is a Brooklyn/New Orleans based artist and teacher utilizing lens-based image making, video, installation and performance to comment on the breakdown of intergenerational communication. 2017 BRIC Media Arts Fellow
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George Gantz Goodridge Last Updated: 03/26/19
Concept based three-dimensional stretched canvas wall installations and sculptures.
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Janne Hoeltermann Last Updated: 04/08/19
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Michele Brody Last Updated: 12/02/19
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Elizabeth Velazquez Last Updated: 12/22/19
I create mixed media sculptural works, installations and rituals. IG: velazquezart729
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Daniel Bejar Last Updated: 12/30/19
My work considers and critiques the representation of history, place, and the self within the structures of power encompassing our physical and digital worlds.
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Aaron Asis Last Updated: 01/04/20
Art as a creative tool to promote access & awareness throughout our cities — working with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community groups to document under- appreciated phenomenon and exhibit work in unexpected places.
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Daniel Shieh Last Updated: 01/08/20
I create interactive artworks that encourage participants to view each other in a different perspective.
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Nell Cc Breyer Last Updated: 05/16/20
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