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Jean P Icart-pierre Last Updated: 09/15/15
I draw, paint, use collage and use actual objects related to subject directly on the painting. I combine mediums such as oil paint, spray paint and objects such as ropes, lights and police barricades to create particular emotions
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emily north Last Updated: 09/14/15
Drawing, painting, video, and performance art.
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Carl F Anderson Last Updated: 10/28/15
I'm an abstract painter who occasionally paints hyper-realistic portraits on commission.
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Kate Kosek Last Updated: 08/07/17
Psychedelic Geometry.
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Ermelinda Cortes Last Updated: 12/04/15
I work with found items, oils, acrylics and pastels mainly on canvas. Working on several diverse projects concurrently, allows the various forms of Art to cross pollinate and inspire a new piece. Whether it is with my paintbrush or my
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Rafael Melendez Last Updated: 12/08/16
I draw and paint the language of New York’s artworld, its queer culture makers, everyday gossip and strife in an effort to combine my chosen craft and rigorous studio practice, with my humor and worldview.
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Robert Pennington Last Updated: 11/23/15
It is the human condition that excites me and people that interest me; when I make pictures it is to capture the truth.
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Maria Dimanshtein Last Updated: 12/26/16
I combine paper-cuts, painting, drawing and photo elements to create work about the mystery of the sexual experience.
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Sara S Klar Last Updated: 01/27/16
Patterns, permutations, consciousness, the choice not to be of my tribe, confronting me on Koscuiszko where I live now, one block from DeKalb where my Father chose to be Fundamentalist Jewish, my Black neighbors. This is my subject mat
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Chanel J Kennebrew Last Updated: 12/07/16
This new work comprised of 3D collage, mixed media illustrations as well as had cut paper, and installations. Through these mixed media work she uses hand cutting and stacking to explore peeling back layers in terms of society’s history, power and tre
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Rachel E Frank Last Updated: 01/26/16
My work uses sculpture, theater, and performance to explore the tensions between the natural world and the manmade, the animal and the political, and the past and the present.
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Hab Oh Last Updated: 09/25/18
Challenging narratives, creating empowerment for Black people, and embracing the fringe of society through use of cartoon & comic art.
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Atiya A Jones Last Updated: 02/05/16
Illustrative and highly detailed abstract imagery, informed by chance, biology and the female experience.
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Skye Gilkerson Last Updated: 04/23/18
Installation, video, and works on paper exploring the tension between time and timelessness, place and placelessness, and the human and universal scale.
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Beryl Benbow Last Updated: 04/29/16
Collage inspired digital representation - sometimes digital photography will be used
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Virginie Sommet Last Updated: 11/08/16
My focus has been on creating sculptures, installations/collages from familiar objects in our culture that reflect a wide range of uncertainties regarding social issues.
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Frederick Christian Holmes Last Updated: 08/16/16
abstract minimalist black and white
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Izabela A Riano Last Updated: 10/26/16
I am continuously reestablishing my connection with my inner self and the surrounding world. My artwork equally express my internal emotions, instincts, and fears as much as they reflect the quintessential human feelings.
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Stephanie A Costello Last Updated: 09/16/16
Drawing, painting, and collage inspired by the urban environment, and re-imagined as maps that choreograph architecture.
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Laura W Bartczak Last Updated: 03/26/18
Analog photography and video work influenced by movement, the body as landscape, and the narrative of body language.
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