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Randall Stoltzfus Last Updated: 10/18/16
Using a personally-developed style of applying the paint to the canvas, Stoltzfus slowly and intuitively builds richly-textured images that suggest nighttime landscapes in which light and dark engage in a compelling relationship.
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Suzanne Kathaleen Stroebe Last Updated: 02/08/16
Influenced by science, math, and sacred geometry, Suzanne Stroebe creates vibrantly patterned drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures.
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Katherine Sullivan Last Updated: 07/31/13
Explorations and abstractions of power dynamics and the impact on the body.
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Peach Tao Last Updated: 03/31/18
Peach Tao loves creating whimsical illustrations inspired by her travelings around the world, using various mediums including printmaking and mural painting.
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Brad Thiele Last Updated: 05/08/15
i create text-based works that reformat everyday language and common materials, infusing conceptual language play and process-based execution with deadpan humor, logic games and purposeful misunderstanding.
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Austin E Turner Last Updated: 10/03/13
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Sebastian L Vargas Last Updated: 03/23/11
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Daniel A Vasquez Last Updated: 02/01/16
Woodblock Prints and drawings on paper inspired by Tribals Arts from around the world.
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Andrés Vera Martínez Last Updated: 12/10/14
Award winning Cartoonist/Illustrator. Co-Author of the graphic novels Little White Duck: A Childhood in China, Breuckelen 1679, and soon to be released Espiritu, Texas 1879 - 2015
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Jeanne Verdoux Last Updated: 12/20/16
I am a visual artist. My interest is observing and representing people in specific time and place. Drawing is my main tool.
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Sarah Vogwill Last Updated: 02/19/12
I'm currently working with found images primarily from sixties and seventies pictorial magazines that I interrupt with over-printed digital drawings and words which introduces a layer of commentary, free association or disruption.
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Tansy Xiao Last Updated: 02/09/17
New media artist working with retro found objects.
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Susan Ziegler Last Updated: 01/02/17
My work explores the interplay of urban experience and natural phenomena through painting, drawing, monotype, and collage techniques.
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Osiris Zuniga Last Updated: 01/13/15
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