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Naomi Elena Ramirez Last Updated: 01/14/16
experimental graphic scores for dance
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Ka-Son Reeves Last Updated: 08/21/13
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ka-Son Reeves grew up cultivating his natural artistic ability by watching the creative processes of his father–a portrait artist–and his eldest brother–a local Graffiti artist.
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Metsha A Renois Last Updated: 07/05/15
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Pamela Resurreccion Last Updated: 07/14/17
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Izabela A Riano Last Updated: 10/26/16
I am continuously reestablishing my connection with my inner self and the surrounding world. My artwork equally express my internal emotions, instincts, and fears as much as they reflect the quintessential human feelings.
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Charlie Rubin Last Updated: 05/28/13
Exploration of the ordinary, with a twist. Dichotomy of contemporary life.
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Pavida Rujatikumporn Last Updated: 04/19/19
Art is the thing, we could see by ears and hear by eyes. That's all there is too it!
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Woodlynn Sance Last Updated: 07/27/17
Paintings geared towards raising awareness and consciousness in society.
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Andrea L Santos Last Updated: 12/03/16
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Steve Savitz Last Updated: 02/22/17
Existential narratives. Paintings, photography, assemblages, collage, abstracts and figurative.
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BarbaraRae Schaefer Last Updated: 10/02/11
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Lizzie Scott Last Updated: 05/16/15
Lizzie Scott's work explores the material presence of the urban landscape.
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Rochelle M shicoff Last Updated: 01/05/17
My work includes studio paintings, public murals, and installations.
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Amin Shojaei Last Updated: 05/15/14
My main concept is flow and movement of posetive and negative space.
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Linda Siegel Last Updated: 11/27/10
My recent work utilizes digital photograhphy, paint and other media to build up and rework the surface in a naive almost childlike way. The immediacy of the photograhphy, captures a close-up moment, inspiring colors, textures, forms.
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Eliza Siegler Last Updated: 04/10/14
Mixed Media, Paintings, Fabric, Color.
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Sasha Silverstein Last Updated: 04/21/14
sculptural paintings and painterly sculptures...with movement of form, placement of place, "itness".
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Howard M Skrill Last Updated: 03/10/19
Drawings and pictorial essays drawn from local examples of public statuary for the Anna Pierrepont Series
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Maria Sochaniewicz Last Updated: 12/20/16
Abstract paintings, on canvas, cardboard, mixed media. Drawings. Photography. Digital Graphics.
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Christopher Spinelli Last Updated: 11/02/16
I work primarily in acrylic paint and charcoal; my paintings are figurative and many revolve around themes of Coney Island, childhood revisited, faith and death.
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