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Jillian McDonald Last Updated: 03/14/16
I make videos, performances, and drawings inspired by popular film genres like horror and romance. Supernatural themes and cautionary tales are central to recent projects, with bare narratives, majestic landscapes, and horror archetypes.
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Abraham McNally Last Updated: 03/30/11
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Nancy McTague-Stock Last Updated: 08/04/10
My work explores science, nature and technology in paint, print and mixed media. I recognize and use natural imagery fragments as elements of aesthetic intrigue, extracting components for intellectual mind play for the viewer's experience.
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Diane Miller Last Updated: 05/07/10
Intaglios, collagraphs, monotypes printed on delicate Japanese papers, collaged over my own artist- made papers are one aspect of my work; there are also mixed-media collages using colored pencils over colored inks, and other materials.
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Sally Minker Last Updated: 11/07/16
A photographer who lives in Park Slope
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Kellyann Monaghan Last Updated: 03/17/19
Painter of landscapes both real and imaginied, of cityscapes and dramatic weather events.
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Angela L Muriel Last Updated: 03/07/19
I am much inspired by the process of erosion/consumption in nature and by the endless variety of how lives, of every form, are lived.
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Florence Neal Last Updated: 06/24/16
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Margaret Neill Last Updated: 04/01/14
Using abstract form I explore a singular concept; a reaffirmation of place and a lived emotional and physical experience of sensation and memory.
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Harry Newman Last Updated: 09/24/14
Most of my photography relates to nature, though recently I began a city series. I'm interested in what's hidden, lost or overlooked. What people take for granted, what forms the background of other photos, is often the subject of mine.
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Douglas W Newton Last Updated: 11/06/15
I paint subjects that have an unexpected beauty that I translate into oil paint. In all these paintings, my emphasis is on light, color, texture and atmosphere.
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Linda Lee Nicholas Last Updated: 12/05/14
Mixed media inspired by my obsession with our planet regarding environmental issues that affect our bodies, our food and our air.
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Kate Nielsen Last Updated: 12/07/16
Kate Nielsen is inspired by textures found in everyday life and outsider art, her process often involves building up layers of acrylic paint that are then peeled, cut, and reincorporated into new forms.
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Sari Nordman Last Updated: 03/29/19
Video work that seeks to understand one's personal navigation, and the choices one makes on the path to becoming
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Debbie O'Donnell Last Updated: 05/20/17
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Leah Oates Last Updated: 05/19/10
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Angelys F Ocana Last Updated: 04/14/14
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Michelle OConnell Last Updated: 03/26/19
My immersive installations collapse the distance between the recorded landscape and its edited versions, digitally combining painting into earth’s textures and surfaces and projecting the reinvented forms to create new environments.
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Peter Odekerken Last Updated: 02/01/17
Peter concept is to bring the beauty of the outside world to the inside of interiors. Peter specializes in architecture and nature photography and works with multiple fine art galleries, art consultants and luxury interior designers.
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Grey Olavarria Last Updated: 06/22/11
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