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Alexandria Smith Last Updated: 08/25/11
Working through the disciplines of drawing and painting, I create works that explore the theme of cultural and sexual identity through the lens of childhood and adolescence.
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Virginie Sommet Last Updated: 11/08/16
My focus has been on creating sculptures, installations/collages from familiar objects in our culture that reflect a wide range of uncertainties regarding social issues.
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Adel Souto Last Updated: 12/17/15
Adel Souto is a writer, artist, musician and film-maker. Being an ultra-humble supra-genius, he stays busy doing what he does best: stuff.
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Jeanette Spicer Last Updated: 12/10/14
Curious investigations about boundaries, moments, gestures and the body in a time where we communicate and interact like never before.
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Melissa W Staiger Last Updated: 12/06/16
My abstract work encompasses basic shapes such as lines, circles and triangles. These forms are not only the building blocks of the cosmos, but also powerful symbols that have been used in many cultures all over the world.
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Karla Stingerstein Last Updated: 08/24/13
I am a steward of objects. I explore the ways in which objects enter and exit our lives. How we care for them, how we think about them, how we occupy them, and how they occupy us are questions central to my interests.
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Christine S. Stoddard Last Updated: 01/13/17
Christine Stoddard is an interdisciplinary writer, visual artist, filmmaker, and radio host.
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Suzanne Kathaleen Stroebe Last Updated: 02/08/16
Influenced by science, math, and sacred geometry, Suzanne Stroebe creates vibrantly patterned drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures.
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Hidemi Takagi Last Updated: 02/23/16
Since leaving Osaka, Japan in 1997, I have been translating my personal vision of New York City into photographs and videos. The candy-colored, saturated playground of images that I create is how I have imagined America would look like.
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Anthony J. Thomas Last Updated: 03/06/13
I cultivate work from a spiritual realm, employing physical materials...fragile materials, attaching my inhibitions, contradictions and conflicts to each medium. Every medium chosen, helps the task of telling my anecdote of "survival".
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Tamara Thomsen Last Updated: 06/27/11
Landscapes and interiors painted as large scale watercolors on paper
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Mambo Tse Last Updated: 04/07/17
We are dedicated to preserving culture through music, dance, arts, and history. Most importantly, we are dedicated towards preserving the rainforests not only for us but for generations to come. We use dance and music as a platform to e
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Brynna K Tucker Last Updated: 05/15/14
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Eugenie Tung Last Updated: 10/29/16
I am curious about the human conditions that surround me, especially processes of change and how circumstances affect the choices we make, while acknowledges the cyclical nature of life, where many experiences are more or less universal.
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Ben Valentine Last Updated: 11/07/10
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Nick Van Zanten Last Updated: 09/06/14
Painter whose work comments on the materials of painting and highlights the role of support and surface.
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Annie B. Varnot Last Updated: 01/18/14
I accumulate discarded objects and nontraditional materials, transforming them through painstaking methods into sculptures and installations. Both material and process are significant to the content of my work.
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Jeanne Verdoux Last Updated: 12/20/16
I am a visual artist. My interest is observing and representing people in specific time and place. Drawing is my main tool.
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Sam Vernon Last Updated: 06/17/10
how ghosts sleep, a collection of drawings, collages & installations
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Joshua A Walters Last Updated: 08/01/17
I paint! Oils and acrylics. One might call my work suggestive, figurative, narrative, or surreal-ish. My subjects are meant to bridge conceptual gaps through metaphor, comment on modern culture, and hopefully cause the viewer to reflect
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