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Frances Segismundo Last Updated: 10/29/16
Abstract-figurative mixed media artist and printmaker.
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Christine Howard Sandoval Last Updated: 12/02/16
Christine Howard Sandoval is a multi- media artist who challenges the boundaries of representation, access, and habitation through the use of performance, video, and sculpture.
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Judith Samper Albero Last Updated: 03/18/19
I am a multidisciplinary artist using paint, photography and video to express myself. I’ve been developing my career the past three years in virtual and augmented reality.
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Javi Park Last Updated: 12/07/16
Primarily using vinyl, a material used for promotional lettering, Javi Park manipulates the medium on surfaces used for sign production such as aluminum, polystyrene, and acrylic panels.
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Danielle Czirmer Last Updated: 07/14/17
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Shana Wolfe Last Updated: 02/25/17
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Mambo Tse Last Updated: 04/07/17
We are dedicated to preserving culture through music, dance, arts, and history. Most importantly, we are dedicated towards preserving the rainforests not only for us but for generations to come. We use dance and music as a platform to e
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C.C. Czerwinski Last Updated: 12/10/19
Conceptual abstract painting, text-based installation
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Sara E Eichner Last Updated: 07/18/17
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Hao Ni Last Updated: 08/07/17
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Cheryl Lee Bowers Last Updated: 08/05/17
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Julia Primus Last Updated: 08/15/17
Mixed Media & Colorist Artists "Art is the material evidence that reminds us of the wealth of our culture - of who we are".
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Shannon Bradley Last Updated: 08/13/17
My work explores themes of impermanence, fragility, and inter-connectedness. I'm ever inspired by nature and human nature.
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Mary-Ann Monforton Last Updated: 01/04/18
My practice is involved with sculpture, drawing, and installation. The handmade, DIY, quality of my work, its quirkiness, across several mediums offers a nod to minimalism yet is rife with human failure and humor.
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Suzanne Kiggins Last Updated: 09/10/17
Contemporary folk art exploring consciousness, dreamlife, internal landscapes, reality, origins.
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R Haberstroh Last Updated: 04/01/18
Rachel Haberstroh is an artist and writer who enjoys playing with light, building games, and directing faux exercise videos.
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Genea Barnes Last Updated: 10/18/17
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Sundiatta Small Last Updated: 01/15/18
Video artist, photographer and web designer currently studying new media at SUNY Purchase.
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Kaitlyn M Paston Last Updated: 02/08/18
I work in video and moving images. My process is always performative. I use vocal performance in her soundscapes to filter ideas through the body, resulting in expressionist landscapes.
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Cynthia Reynolds Last Updated: 02/26/18
sculpture and installation using found packing materials, molding and casting
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Displaying: 141 - 160 of 170 PAGE: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>       Sort by:

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